Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Creme Could Be So Wonderful But…..


Imagine how excited I was to go in my local Walgreen’s and find a new  product I was searching for! Pantene BB Cream is a multi-tasking product that can be used on hair to solve 10 solutions in one easy cream that can be used on wet or dry hair.

I follow Pantene on Twitter, so when they made the announcement I was excited. Sadly for me, they ignored multiple tweets asking them about availability, release date, and just general information about the product. No biggie, in this blogging game I am used to being ignored. I waited about a month and on a whim, decided to check out the Pantene section of Walgreens and there she was.

Long story short, the crème itself is wonderful. My hair is soft, smooth, weightless, silky… my hair is very satisfied with this product. It’s a versatile product, so I would put some on when my hair is wet to set and style it, and I would use it in between washes to calm my hair back down (the humidity here in Mississippi is really bad!). I love the clean and familiar Pantene scent (set your hair with this and smell it when it dries OMG). What did I hate?

The packaging.

I don’t know whether Walgreens got a bad batch, but I have to rant about how terrible the packaging treated me. The original packaging is like a pump, but as soon as I pulled the cap off of the pump, the whole top part came off, first use.

No biggie, I will just pop it back on right? WRONG! I’ve had this BB Cream for a while now, and the top will not stay on and I learned that the hard way- when I put it in my hair drawer and discovered 1/4th of the jar in the drawer. BOOOOO

Is this product irreplaceable? I’m not sure yet. Hair care companies come out with so many product in a calendar year so today I love it, tomorrow I might find something else to love. The self destructive  packaging sure does not help it’s case.  I love the way it makes my hair feel but let’s be honest- I have nowhere to store it! I’m very anal about my bathroom counter, I hate products just chilling on my countertop, especially hair products.  The more products that sit on my counter, the higher risk my children are going to slather themselves in it. True Story.

So that’s my rave and rant for the day.


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