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Little do we realize how important it is to have a good close group of friends to share our lives with. Maybe it’s because it’s easy to not to know what you have until you lose it. One of the ways that keep friendships going is to socialize over at each other’s homes. Having the gang over at yours is great initially, but then you have to think of things to do. Laying around just watching t.v. Sure gets old after a couple of hours. So to keep things lively you have to think outside the box and maybe try things that you wouldn’t otherwise do with other people. At the same time though you have to be mindful to not push people beyond their limits and not do anything that would wreck your own home. Nothing wrong with morphing into a party house for the night but feel free to get creative and bond with your closest with some planned activities.

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Ripping a fat one

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but internet and YouTube content creator H3H3 has made vaping more popular than it ever was. It’s definitely a healthy alternative to other forms of inhalation as the liquids are heated and mixed with water. Individual products are great for personal use, but you should explore the dopeboo’s best vaporizers of 2018 range for sharing with the gang. You have large vaporizers like the Volcano which heat up different variations quickly and provide bags that have several usages in them. Simply connect one bag until it’s full, take it off then put another one on and so on. You have a choice of portable vapors that work in much the similar way. These are smaller and can be passed around, so everyone gets their fill. All products can utilize the different oils and flavors out there so mix and match as you like.

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Find the shot glass

Despite the name of the game, alcohol doesn’t have to be involved if you don’t want it to be. The basic premise of the low-key game is to hide shot glasses around your home but one less than the number of people playing the game. It’s like a game of hiding and seeks but the object that’s hiding is the shot glass. Make sure everyone closes their eyes, and they’re all in a room and in a circle facing each other. Once you’re done hiding the shot glasses, you let your friends loose. The last one who is unable to find the glass has to take a shot of something. As mentioned it doesn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage. You can use something like lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, marmite or anything else that’s bittersweet both in taste and punishment. It’s a great game that encourages competitiveness and urgency. You can play as individuals are make teams such as boys versus the girls etc.

Spending time with friends is important to having a close support network. It may be rare for you to get all your friends together in one place so use this opportunity of hosting a party to make it memorable. Playing competitive games or just relaxing puffing away it’s up to you, but give your gang the choice and let the party mood flow around.


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