Paula’s Choice Black Friday/Cyber Monday: The Good, The Great, The Wonderful



I hope that everyone had a fantastic turkey day. I didn’t eat as much as I would have liked to, but I did 90% of the cooking and I was sampling as I cooked. I still ate enough to have a glorious post-turkey nap.

If you pay attention to me often enough on social media, then you know I’ve been talking about Paula’s Choice Cyber Week all week long.  Every day, Paula’s Choice has been offering special deals and free gifts. You already get 20% your total purchase plus free shipping, but you can also get a fantastic gift when you spend $65 or more.

Check out some of my personal favorites:


Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid

The day that I found out about BHA liquid is the day my life changed. I’ve literally been going on a crusade online telling every person possible that BHA liquid is the truth and the light. It eliminated my blackheads, it exfoliated the few dark marks I had, it brightened my skin. I’m in my best skin right now and that would not be possible without BHA.



Clinical Ultra Rich Soothing Body Butter

When my skin is at it’s worse, this butter makes it better again. It is very rich but absorbs fast with no scent to provide 12 hours of moisture to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.



Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum

I’ve become some what of a serum freak over the past few months. My serum stash is quite elaborate and I’ve added about three from Paula’s Choice alone. The Skin Balancing Serum fights multiple signs of aging with retinol, green tea extract, willow leaf extract, cranberry fruit extract and more.


I’m also trying two of Paula’s Choice newest products, Radiance Renewal Mask and Brightening Essence. I’m really excited to give them a spin over the holiday season. I’ll definitely come back and tell you what I think.





Now that I have shared my personal favorite with you and introduced you to some new products, let’s talk about the deals for the rest of the week shall we? Also, because I’m a Power Primper, I can offer you an exclusive, extra GWP:

20% off site wide + free shipping 11/21- 11/28. Click here to get started.

Surprise GWP that changes daily throughout the week  

Exclusive GWP: Free 4 Mattes & A Glam eyeshadow palette with your purchase of $65 or more. Enter promocode CYBERPRIMP16 at cart.

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2 thoughts on “Paula’s Choice Black Friday/Cyber Monday: The Good, The Great, The Wonderful

  1. Jamie

    OMG I think I totally need to try that Body Butter. I haven’t tried any PC Body products, but I think that needs to change ASAP.


  2. Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    Gorgeous pics! I LOVE Paula’s Choice and am currently using items from their Clear and Resist lines!


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