The Perfect Nail Styles to Show off Your Engagement Ring

If you have recently become engaged there’s a good chance you are enjoying the “show off the ring” phase of the engagement. Of course you want your ring looking spectacular, but did you know that different nails styles will also help to showcase your ring? Some styles are just known to compliment the ring, its color, and style that much better. Let’s take a closer look.

Understated and Elegant

You’ll find there is no shortage of nail salons, which means you’ve got plenty of places to visit that know how to showcase your ring. Engagement rings Dallas tend to be big and bold, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go big and bold with your nails. One of the best approaches is to go with an understated and elegant look that allows your ring to be the center of attention.

Some examples of this are to go with a nude or pale neutral shade on your nails. Keep the nails themselves short and neat, and ensure your cuticles are pushed back and clean. The overall look is effortless and sophisticated, allowing your ring to act as the star.

The Daring Look

If you feel like understated just isn’t you, and you really would rather be bold then painting your nails a rich midnight blue is an ideal choice. This works especially well with platinum settings since they are both cool toned. Now keep in mind that darker colors are higher maintenance as they show chips and cracks faster, so you need to be willing to keep up with the color.

Make Use of Nail Art

While this isn’t exactly the time to start doing palm trees, flags, and other bold designs, it is a great opportunity to play around with glitter. Use glitter to create stripes, patterns, and shapes over a neutral shade. One of the trendiest looks right now is to paint the nails an opaque white and then use silver or gold glitter as the design. You can pick the glitter that best works with your ring’s metal color. This is a style you can try at home, but it can take some practice and a steady hand.

Highlight Your Ring Finger

This is another look that is very trendy right now, whether you are trying to show off an engagement ring, or not. The idea is to paint all of your nails the same solid color, except your ring finger. That finger can then be a different color, have nail art, be glittery, or even have a jewel on it. The idea is that you are drawing attention to that finger, and therefore your ring.

Play Around with Various Styles

Your nail style should be fun and a reflection of your personality. There is nothing wrong with playing around with a variety of styles and seeing which one works best for you, and which puts that gorgeous sparkling ring front and center.


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