Pet Ownership: Teaching Responsibility & Life Lessons

Pet Ownership: Teaching Responsibility & Life Lessons

I’ll never quite forget the moment I was finally allowed to have my first pet. It was a hamster. Her name was Tina and I was a proud pet parent. I was about eight at the time and although we had family pets this was different because the responsibility and sense of ownership were on me.

Having this pet prepared me for the world in more ways than one – it helped me:

·  Budget my allowance to provide food and toys

·  Create a positive routine with feeding and washing

·  Understand the circle of life

Fast forward to today and I have a wonderful cat and a stable lifestyle, relationship, and career. I’d like to think that early pet ownership was one of the deciding factors in how I got to where I am today.

Kids, Pets, and Teaching Responsibility

Pet ownership is a big responsibility and leads to eventual heart ache, but it’s something kids can benefit from tremendously. The biggest takeaway is the life lessons the child will learn through their actions, inquisitive minds, and knowledge you can instill on their shaping personality.

The first of which being caring.

A pet needs physical and emotional caring for it to live a happy life. When a child understands this balance, they will often reflect this good will toward others (not just pets). These lessons come about with their play with the pets or when they care for them during times of distress. These times such as comforting them during a storm or learning that medicine is important for good health such as vaccinations or cbd oil for cats to help keep them calm.

The second being fiscal responsibility.

When you provide the child with an allowance haven given them the opportunity to take care of another living being it will help them understand financial priorities. It’s a real-life lesson to provide for the being you’re caring for before other self-interests. This will allow the child to understand the importance of work (to get their allowance) and purchasing the essentials (food, toys, and supplies).

The third with positive lifestyle adjustments.

A dog, as a pet, is a good way to encourage kids to take responsibility in being active. Having to walk the dog and provide play time will keep the pet and child healthy. Likewise, cleaning up after the pet will help create positive routines that the child will do later. It will also encourage sociability among other children in the neighborhood which will be very beneficial when they reach that age of seeking relationships, work, and creating strong friendships.

Kids, Pets, and Life Lessons

The eventual loss of a pet is gutting but also humbling.

The mortality of a pet creates a better understanding of how precious life can be and what we can do to improve the quality. As a pet owner, the child will learn the routines to provide better care but also find interest in life. It could encourage them to study our world that could unlock areas of creativity that will eventually mold their direction in their careers and personal goals.

The pet will also teach them valuable lessons about personal growth and well-being. An allergic reaction to the pet hair or scratch could lead to their interest in biology. This may seem like a stretch but I know I became interested in sciences once I began to learn more about my pets. Pairing the pets with the other gender could be an excellent opportunity for “the talk”. The eventual passing is a prime time to instill the importance of achieving goals due to the finite time we have on this Earth.

They’re So Much More than Pets

Our pets are so much more than our furry friends. They provide comfort, a chance to learn, and companionship that’s not always found with people. Having these experiences when young can lead to wonderful lifestyle changes later in life. I guess what I’m trying to say is to consider a “yes” when your child talks about getting a pet.

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