Photography Makes All The Small Details Matter

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In photography, all the details matter. Sometimes the tiniest object becomes the central theme of a photograph. There are so many photographs with flowers, candles, ice creams and cupcakes that are simply gorgeous. Even if there is photographed just a red velvet cupcake with some chocolate on the top of it, the whole composition can be a great thing to admire. It can make you feel something, like desire for something sweet. You cannot blame yourself, that is the photo that has this power to make you feel the smell and to create the illusion that you can taste the subject.

Photography has the power to capture not only tangible goods but also time. It is one tough thing to do, to work the time. That is why photographers are the ones who rule the moments. There was once a Miami photographer who took a picture of the Miami Beach 70 years ago. The times have changed the city, but thanks to that photographer we get to know how it was. The view of the city like it was seven decades ago, became immortal. Besides cities and amazing landscapes, photography today captures so many things and so many faces, that it is impossible to count how many pictures are made within a day all around the Globe.

Taking a picture for some irrational or rational reason is always a nice thing to do. It is like entering an adventure every time you push the button of the camera. An adventure that holds up moments, things in a present state, that later can be viewed.

Photographers are the ones who work it all. They have the power to work even people’s faces and I am not talking about Photoshop or special effects that somehow change the authentic part of the photo backdrop. It is all about the moment they get to capture, because it is always important to captivate that kind of smile, that cry or that specific view that represents reality in the best possible way. When we think that photographers are the ones who just push buttons and fix lentils, we are totally wrong. These guys have to work with intangible factors like emotions, time and life, in a way no other creative workers do. Photography backdrop makes all the small details matter and there is always a magic behind a genuine photograph. Behind the images, there is always a special witchery, which is never seen but it is always felt.

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