The Review- Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Fragrance

pink friday

Rapper Nicki Minaj has released her debut fragrance, Pink Friday, through Elizabeth Arden Fragrances, and I finally am ready to review. The fragrance has been out since September 2012 for reference and is described as an intoxicating floral and fruity fragrance. I have many thoughts about this fragrance but it can best be summarized as ‘Right fragrance, wrong time, wrong bottle’. Keep reading for photos and thoughts.



Let’s start with the obvious- the bottle. Which I hate. I just personally find it to be a little too vain, in addition to it’s resemblance to Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance bottles. It’s a big, heavy, sturdy bottle that I personally would not be proud to put on my dresser. It’s ugly to me, and a copy of a great. Plain and simple.

The fragrance itself is very floral and fruity with a light musky drydown. Through the musk it is still a very light, youthful fragrance. It has top notes of boysenberry, Italian mandarin, and star fruit. Middle notes of lotus and star jasmine, and bottom notes of vanilla, pear, and musk. It comes off to me as a candy-ish fragrance. Let me also say that this fragrance is eerily similar to Justin Bieber’s Someday… really similar.

It does not last very long on the skin, give or take five hours max.

This fragrance does not stand out to me, or let me say it stands out for the wrong reasons. This would be a great perfume for someone young or very young at heart.  Candy themed fragrances are hard to work in any season in my opinion, and this just does not mesh well with my craving of a fall fragrance.

This fragrance is available in the US at retailers nationwide, including Macy’s, Sephora, Dillard’s, Belk, Nordstrom, Boscov’s, Ulta and other fine department stores. Prices range from $22.00 to $59.00

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9 thoughts on “The Review- Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Fragrance

  1. Mzbrownshugah

    Yes ma’am this bottle is ugly as sin. I assume she its trying toappease her barbs as usual. She will never gain a new audience if she keeps running this pink friday crap in the ground. The horse…its dead.


  2. lovenailpolish

    I wouldn't want that on my dresser either. Sorry Nicki!
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  3. Baroque In Babylon

    I agree and have passed on this although I'm a fan of Nicki's music and taste. The bottle is heinous and a flop and if it smells like Bieber's fragrance it's a letdown. With all of her creativity, couldn't her fragrance team come up with something unique? When you're competing with new scents like Gaga's Fame….you gotta stand out in a GOOD way. Thanks for the review. I'll be passing on this.


    1. GGGarbage

      thanks for the comment!


  4. beautybabbling

    I saw this in a magazine ad just this week, and I visibly cringed at the bottle. Who POSSIBLY thought that was a good idea….*sigh*
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  5. JoJozBeauty

    I am already thrown by the packaging.


    1. GGGarbage

      it\’s horrendous.


  6. kathy s

    I Like the bottle that it comes in, I thought it would make it all seem so Barbie Jus what she & her fans are. but let me say , the bottle is better than the smell. I was hurt when i didn’t want to buy it. it gave me a headache 🙁 well I guess i’ll jus stick to the music,,


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