The Pitchforks Are Out: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue + Win It!


Don’t you just hate it when companies discontinue things you love?  I’m still mourning the loss of Planters Cheez Balls.  While I’ve tried other brands, it just doesn’t have the lingering, trans fat-laden unctuousness of the original.

When it came to light that Sally Hansen was reformulating Pacific Blue, mayhem broke out in Nail Polish World.  This bright cornflower blue is one of the shining stars of drugstore polishes thanks to the gorgeous color and effortless application.  To make matters worse, the only thing the old and new versions have in common is the color blue.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Sally Hansen has replaced a cult polish with another color.  Back in 2010, Hidden Treasure, an iridescent flake polish, was THE polish must-have of the year…people were stalking drugstores to find this beauty.  In 2012, Sally Hansen released a sheer pink with an iridescent shimmer under the name Hidden Treasure.  I don’t understand why they can’t just retire the name rather than get consumers’ hopes up.

Here’s the original in all her glory:

Here is it compared with the new version:


Index:  SH PB new

Middle:  SH PB old

Ring:  SH PB new

Piny:  SH PB old

When this news broke out, I decided to check my local drugstore for potential dupes and found Essie Butler Please, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri In Prompt Blue and Sinful Colors Sinful Shine Most Sinful.


Index:  Essie Butler Please (3 coats)

Middle:  Pacific Blue (2 coats)

Ring:  Sally Hansen Insta-Dri In Prompt Blue (2 coats)

Pinky:  Sinful Colors Sinful Shine Most Sinful (2 coats)

Most Sinful is the darkest and most saturated of the group.  Butler Please is slightly lighter than Pacific Blue.  In Prompt Blue is darker than Pacific Blue and has a smokier color.

As a bonus, I’ve added two more polishes to compare, Lancome Plunge Pool and Nails Inc. Baker Street.  I found Plunge Pool while at the Designer Fragrances and Cosmetic Company.  Designer Fragrances and Cosmetic Company Outlet is the Lancome outlet version of Estee Lauder’s Cosmetics Company Outlet.  FYI, Urban Decay is now stocked at DF&CCO (UD is owned by Lancome’s parent company, L’Oreal).


Index:  Lancome Plunge Pool (2 coats)

Middle:  Pacific Blue (2 coats)

Ring:  Nails Inc. Baker Street (2 coats)

Pinky:  Pacific Blue (2 coats)

Plunge Pool is the closest polish to Pacific Blue, but is a touch more blue.  Baker Street is darker than Pacific Blue.

So what’s a polish lover to do?  You’re not completely out of options, but if Pacific Blue is one of your staples, track it down now while it’s still newly discontinued.  Aprill and I still have one of these bottles available as a giveaway, in case you haven’t joined the crowd or need another to quench your thirst!

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Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

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5 thoughts on “The Pitchforks Are Out: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue + Win It!

  1. Tessa

    love, love sally hansen in all colours…


  2. PolishPanic!

    I’m so glad I found a bottle of the old formula. I haven’t tried the new one but the old one was perfect!


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