Planning Your Outfits for this Year’s Party Season

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It is never too early to start thinking about and planning your wardrobe for the coming Christmas party season. And, of course, with new outfits comes the need for accessories, nail designs and hairstyles. There may yet be another few weeks until party invites start going out, but if you start now, with some planning and buying, you will be all dressed up at the drop of a hat.


These are a major expense for most women over the festive season. You don’t want to be seen twice in exactly the same outfit, but if you are feeling the pinch and still want to make a splash, canny clothes shopping means you can switch things up and put a whole new spin on a core wardrobe of just a few elements.

Lace is big this season, with feminine dress styles that range from the classic cocktail number to long and flowy creations that are just perfect for romantic and festive nights out. Look for classical shapes that flatter the body without being too clingy if you want room to breathe when out for a meal, (such as those by Adrianna Papell who has some lovely examples).

The beauty of well-designed clothes is the way in which they can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Add a jacket or shrug and you’ll change the appearance enough that anyone would have to look twice before they would realize they had seen the outfit before.


It is a lot fun to ‘dress up’ your nails and surprising how donning a few sets of gels or acrylics can make you feel so much more elegant. For the party season you can get away with jazzing things up even more, so look out for animal print nail art or glossy metallic tones of flame or flowers.

Two tone nails are popular this year, with striking contrasts between while nail beds and stunning black tips. Checker board nails, dots and stripes are also big news, with startling combinations of color such as blue and green or black and yellow. Glitter will always be popular at Christmas, so don’t be scared to add some sparkle to your nails, or the odd rhinestone if you want more of a statement.


Choosing clothes and nail styles is all very well, but don’t forget your crowning glory. However you style your hair, make sure you start with it clean and glossy. If your hair leans towards being dull and lifeless, now’s the time to start conditioning it ready for the extra styling treatments it will be subjected too over the festive period. Curling, crimping and coloring all take their toll on your hair condition, not to mention extra spraying and other holding products we’re likely to apply.

A new hairstyle gives you a burst of confidence and even small changes such as curling straight hair or putting a parting on the opposite side can be enough of a change to bring out the best in you and make you feel more daring.

However you’re celebrating this year, from lots of parties to quiet times at home, make the most of yourself and give yourself the gift of knowing you look your best.

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