Plus Size Date Night Fashion and Ironing Tips With Faultless! + Contest


You are probably reading this because you have a night out on the town planned. Whether it’s a night out at the bar with friends, or a drink or two with someone you love, you always want to look your best. Sometimes, being a plus sized woman, there is a need to put an extra little bit of effort into your outfit, or maybe you are just lost and need a few helpful tips. Keep reading to discover my top five date night fashion tips, with a few bonus ironing tips from Faultless!

Pencil skirts are a curvy girl’s best friend

Pencil skirts hug curves and smoothen the lower belly. Pair a pencil skirt with an embellished top and a pair of heels.

Cover up those body conscious spots

It’s something even the most body-positive woman does not want to admit- there’s one part of her body that she hates. Personally, I hate my arms. Cover up those spots that make you self-conscious. It’s totally ok! To cover the arms, us a lace, sheer coverup. To cover the legs, slip on some opaque black tights.

Jazz up for legs with a pair of wedges

Wedges, while they are not very popular, gives your calf muscles definition, while still comfortable and sturdy enough for the woman that cannot pull off a pair of stilettos.

You can never go wrong with skinny jeans

The very pants they used to tell us we could not wear, we totally can! Pair with a shimmering peplum top and a pair of high heels. Stylish, comfortable, yet still making a statement.

Let your midriff fly free

If you dare, let a little skin show. Pair a sequined cropped top with jogger pants and high heels for a mod look. Accessorize with a fedora hat and some earrings that provide bling.

Take care of your hottest date night clothes with Faultless- Faultless Premium Spray Starch will keep your clothes looking new- it’s the starch that performs. Faultless Premium reduces ironing time and unlike other starch, won’t clog, flake or spot. Check out these bonus tips from Faultless on how to iron your favorite jeans with

How to iron jeans with Faultless

1. Apply starch. Iron small areas of the pants

2. Place the inseams together, smooth the creases

3. Fold the top leg back over the body, line up the inseam with the outseam, and iron

4. Spray and iron again along the crease line

5. Smooth both legs flat and touch up on areas needing special attention


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Faultless Starch. The opinions and text are all mine.

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21 thoughts on “Plus Size Date Night Fashion and Ironing Tips With Faultless! + Contest

  1. Hasani

    Their iron cleaner is amazing. It’s really hard to find in my area though.


  2. ClickClick

    I have used the hot iron cleaner, and I really like how good it works.


  3. Theresa

    Some starches are not gluten-free.


  4. Hasani

    Growing up my mom only bought the starch that you had to mix yourself. Hated it! 😂😂😂


  5. steve weber

    best ironing tip.. make sure the iron has plenty of water in it!


  6. Mandi

    Don’t set the iron facedown, it can and will burn your stuff


  7. Tammy Iler

    Don’t overheat it or leave it facedown


  8. Hasani

    Nothing like a freshly ironed button down top!


  9. Carol Roberts clark

    mist your clothes a little not alot that helps if it is really wrinkled


  10. Hasani

    A little definitely goes a long way.


  11. Theresa

    Use starch to get quilting cloth to keep it’s size before you cut it.


  12. Theresa

    you can also glue your quilting cloth along edge. Iron it dry. then sew it. it will not slip.


  13. Mary Murphy

    There was a reason why our grandmothers dampened clothes, rolled them up, and put them in the refrigerator!



    A lil mist goes a long way


  15. Shawna

    My best ironing tip is to make sure there is plenty of water in the iron, use the steam setting and use starch to hold all the hard work you did in ironing together. I hate when I spend a lot of time ironing and then while sitting in the car going where I’m going my clothing wrinkles. That’s why I use starch.


  16. Brandon Sparks

    Do not leave the iron face down. Good way to start a fire.


  17. Birdiebee

    Remember to unplug your iron when done.


  18. arress

    Use distilled water in your iron.


  19. Hasani

    I always empty my iron prior to storing it.


  20. Birdiebee

    Always unplug the iron when finished.


  21. Robin

    I always fill a spray bottle with water, and spray whatever I’m ironing before I iron. It gets out the wrinkles so much better than just using the steam button!


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