Plus-Size Swimsuits Can Be Sexy, Find The Latest Fashions Online


For any woman, finding a great swimsuit can be hard. Women of all shapes and sizes are routinely frustrated by bathing suits made by designers that don’t offer proper support and ride up on the buttocks and thighs. Very often, a gorgeous suit will end up making swimming or even walking down the beach a difficult proposition. It’s a disappointing reality since a well-designed bathing suit can play up any woman’s best body parts and downplay her more troublesome areas. It can turn you into a bombshell. Unfortunately these styles can be very hard to find in regular department stores, especially if you live in a small town. If you have any sort of figure that varies from the standard sizing, you may not be able to find any kind of respectable bathing suit in a standard store.

Many plus-sized women have turned to the internet instead. Online retailers can help a woman find styles that flatter her figure and play up her assets. Some companies have worked with real women to design bathing suits that feature the colors, designs and features that play up their specific shape. Bikinis come in various sizes and are sold as separates, so that if a woman needs a larger bottom but a smaller top, they won’t be stuck with a “one-size-fits-all” disaster. They can look for styles that emphasize a large bust, while drawing attention away from the mid-section and thighs. Many retailers offer options that manage to be trendy, while also keeping comfort in mind.


Current trends in bathing suits often vary from season to season. Consumers should experiment to determine what styles work best for their figures. The high-waisted bikini is a vintage-inspired and traditionally flattering look that can help any woman feel sexy. Generations of women have found this look easy to wear on the beach. It can also transition to “on land” activities, such as a stroll along the boardwalk, or a quick meal afterwards when styled with the appropriate cover-ups. Tankinis also offer sex appeal and coverage at the same time.

Studies by psychologists have shown that taking a vacation can help anyone’s improve mental health. A winter vacation to a warm, sunny destination is a must if anyone is experiencing seasonal affectiveness disorder. As bathing suits go out of season during winter months, anyone in search of plus-size swimsuits will find way more accessible options online. Heading to a niche website like will offer styles targeted for your body type. This company specializes in trendy styles from size 10 to 24 from mainstream designers like Jessica Simpson, Michael Kors and Aquabelle. They’re so committed to the cause of attractive, affordable curvy-friendly swimwear that plus-size model Ashley Graham is even appearing in their bikini in the new “swimsuit edition” of Sports Ilustrated this year.

If you’ve always felt self-conscious about your body, maybe you just need a new swimsuit to understand how beautiful it really is. The right designers understand how to flatter your figure and play up your assets. Take a risk this year and go for a bathing suit that’s less conservative than a style you’d usually wear. You don’t have to be confined to an ugly department store one-piece anymore. A great plus-size swimsuit will let you shine, inside and out.

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