‘Porexia’ + Has The First REAL Pore Reducer Arrived?


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Porexia and the stats

Porexia. Until today, this was probably a term you never heard of. Porexia, a term coined by dermatologists, refers to people who have a neurosis about their pores. Is this you? The average adult has five million pores on their body with about 20,000 on their face alone. Pores are critical in allowing skin to breathe and helping the body get rid of oils and toxins. While pore size is largely determined by genetics; oil, dirt and dead skin cells that collect on the face can form blockages within pores. When this happens, pores look larger, inflamed and can cause acne to form. Check out the results of a survey that was conducted online within the United States between January 29 and February 5th, 2014 among 2,428 adults aged 18 and older by Harris Poll on behalf of Alison Brod and their client L’Oreal. Respondents included oversamples of African American and Hispanic females:

  • Nearly four in ten women (38 percent) feel their pores are too big; this number rises to nearly fifty percent among Latina women (48 percent)
  • Nearly half of US women (47 percent) would give up something in exchange for smaller pores; 23 percent would give up alcohol for a year, 17 percent would give up social media for a year, and 11 percent would give up shaving their legs for a year
  • Nearly two in ten women (19 percent) edit or filter photos before posting to hide skin imperfections
  • More than one in ten women (13 percent) have avoided taking selfies because they are self-conscious of their pore size
  • One in five women (21 percent) say they began noticing the size of their pores between the ages of fifteen and twenty
  • More than one in ten women (13 percent) think about the size of the pores on their face seven or more times per week
  • More than one in ten women (14 percent) say they worry about their pore size while on a date
  • Over fifty percent of men (53 percent) admit they have never noticed the size of pores on a woman’s face

Duh factor meets solution?

Pore vanisher

Now it’s time for the duh part of this study- 73 percent of women saying they have not found a product that effectively shrinks their pore size. I can attest to this. While I do not admit to having porexia, I do have days where my pores bother me, and I wish I had a permanent solution.

We are well aware of the temporary solutions like skin blurring products and primers. I however, want a forever type of relationship with the absence of my pores.

L’Oreal claims to have the product that honestly solves our pore problems: Youth Code Texture Perfector– the first-to-mass skincare treatment that shrinks pore size both instantly and over time. The daily moisturizer formulated for universal needs takes a breakthrough approach to fighting pores by targeting them on three dimensions:

  • Surface of the Pore: Airlite powders give skin a soft-focus finish
  • Around the Pore: Targeted LHA micro-exfoliates to smooth skin’s surface. Innovative Perlite absorbs excess oil instantly for an all-day shine-free finish.
  • Within the Pore: Our highest concentration of Perline-P strengthens and tightens the skin to shrink the appearance of pore size over time.

The instant result: smooth, poreless-looking skin. In four weeks: actual pore size is reduced. In fact, after using the product for four weeks, 89 percent of women said their overall skin quality was improved and 81 percent of women said their skin appeared virtually flawless.

Oh really?

L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector retails for $24.99. It’s available right now mass, food and drug retailers nationwide. I’m seriously thinking about picking up a bottle and doing a long-term review. We shall see!

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