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How you dress is such a subjective thing, but there are some definite winners when it comes to items of clothing that anybody can pull off; you don’t have to be skinny to have style. Don’t let preconceptions of plus-size drag you down as we head into the spring months; embrace your body and love yourself!

Here are some looks that the voluptuous amongst us would never have even began to dream of ten years ago. With the rise of the internet and fashion stores springing up online, now is the time to dream big and go for that ultimate look you have been desiring – even if it uses some things which are ‘only meant for skinny people’. Don’t have that sort of negativity in your life; wear what you wants and remember – one body, one life, one choice. Focus on your assets and be comfortable in your choices.  


Over-the-Knee Boots

When you are plus-sized, the one thing that can get in the way when trying on boots is your calves. It’s like shoe companies don’realizese that when you make the exception to provide footwear for curvier people, you have to contemplate the space where customers legs are going to go should boots go that high. So OTK Boots have generally been a no-go; if they can’t get calf-size right, who’s to say that they can go much higher? Thankfully, times are a-changing and there are some really great stockists online for wider boots. There are also some fabulous sites you can visit for inspiration for over the knee boot outfits, so don’t ever think that this is unachievable for you.


Crop Tops

Woah, plus-sized and with your belly out? What a time to be alive! Embrace your curves and remember: big is beautiful too. Who’s to say that nobody else is doing it – a big store chain would not release a line if there was no demand for it. If you want to show off your body, embrace the option to do so. If not, that’s fine too. Do whatever you feel the most comfortable with.


Who Likes Short Shorts?

Everybody – if they can get them. We have entered an age where it’s becoming more apparent to clothing suppliers that we want to celebrate our bodies – so why give plus-sized women a short which is midway between proper shorts and pedal pushers? Flattering they certainly are not, and once again you will probably have better luck looking online for a pair of shorts that you know will look amazing – or better still,  just make your own. That way you know that you’re getting exactly what you want!

When your body is bigger, people are automatically looking at ways to criticize what you are wearing or thinking about how you are putting an outfit together. It’s no surprise that the plus-sized community is sharing tips and tricks to ensure you look fantastic; but as long as you have confidence in what you are wearing, everything else will just naturally fall into place.


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