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Hey everyone!

I am so excited to share this post with you.  I’m always on the lookout for holy grail items, especially when it comes to the basics.  I’ve been searching for the best basic black and white polish for as long as I can remember.  The closest I’ve found for white is Cult Nails Tempest.  Unfortunately, Cult Nails went out of business earlier this year so I’ve been rationing my only bottle of Tempest.  My favorite black polishes are a bit too runny, which results in polish pooling at the cuticles.  Luckily, Pretty Serious Cosmetics just released their Absence/Presence duo!

Pretty Serious Absence Presence Ninja-Lish-ious - Absence

Absence (one coat):  black crème


Pretty Serious Absence Presence Ninja-Lish-ious - Presence

Presence (one coat):  white crème

I cannot gush enough about these polishes.  They are one coater perfection.  You simply cannot ask more from a polish.  Both have easy-to-control formulas; no pooling at the cuticles.  I was shocked that Presence was a one-coater…even my beloved bottle of Tempest takes two careful coats.

If you need nail art supplies, look no further.  Serenity Nails used both as stamping polishes, which works very well.  I have very bad luck with water marble nail art, but due to their pigmentation, they should do well with water marbling.

As a bonus, Pretty Serious has released a limited edition polish, Ninja-Lish-ious.  Have you ever wondered why Pretty Serious has such reasonable rates for shipping in the US, despite being an Australian brand?  That’s because Pretty Serious has a US warehouse, ran by the awesome Alicia (pronounced Uh-Lish-uh).  Alicia is an old, dear friend of mine dating back to the MakeupAlley nail board days.  She calls me Mini J (since I’m fun-sized and all).  4 years ago, I visited her and her husband at her grandmother’s house in Saint Augustine, making her the first online nail friend I’ve met in person.

Pretty Serious Absence Presence Ninja-Lish-ious - Ninja-Lish-ious

Ninja-Lish-ious (two coats):  dark blue jelly base with blue and green glass-flecks

Alicia’s favorite polish colors are dark blue and purple.  I’ve enabled her quite a few times to buy infamously rare night sky polishes.  Ninja-Lish-ious looks a lot like Givenchy Dandy Moire, which is great because Dandy Moire is extremely hard-to-find and the bottle is very small (0.18 fl. oz.).

Random note:  I had a shipping scare when I bought my bottle of Dandy Moire.  The tracking showed it had been delivered but I never received it in the mail.  I started to freak out, calling the postal service and anyone else who would listen.  Luckily, it was delivered to the hairdresser I worked with at a salon.  I previously had ordered a purse online for her and apparently I was so excited to buy Dandy Moire that I didn’t check my PayPal shipping information.  ALWAYS check your PayPal shipping information!!!

Point blank:  you need Absence and Presence in your life.  I probably will drain these bottles within the next 6 months.  Are there any other must-have basic polishes you need?

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