Pretty Serious Cosmetics The Ghosts of Christmas Past and The Museum of Naileontology Vol. 4

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I’ve got Pretty Serious Cosmetics two latest lines, The Ghost of Christmas Past and The Museum of Naileontology Vol. 4.  The Ghosts of Christmas Past is the 2016 holiday line and The Museum of Naileontology series features homages to hard-to-find vintage nail polishes.


First up, we’ve got The Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Enchanting Evergreen (two coats):  green glass-flecks in a blackened jelly base – a green version of the Chanel Paris-Moscou polishes from 2009.  I’d like a purple version as well.


Fairy Lights (three coats):  purplish-pink-whitish silver glass-flecks (sorry, my swatch leaned silver instead) – the sheerest of the bunch, but opaque in three coats


Peace on Earth (two coats):  sea green with a bronzish pink flash – Peace on Earth was inspired by Yves Saint Laurent Peace Green, a popular hard-to-find shade from Spring 2016.  PoE is on the index and ring fingers while Peace Green is on the middle and pinky fingers.  PoE is slightly bluer and more opaque than Peace Green.


Tarnished Tinsel (two coats):  yellow gold glitter with orange glitter in a clear base – It’s a bit thick, but can be opaque in 2 coats.


Velvet Bow (two coats):  satiny luscious burgundy – When I swatched this, I thought it may be similar to Chanel Malice (holiday 2012).  Velvet Bow is on the index and ring fingers and Malice is on the middle and pinky fingers.  Not even close at all.


Very Merry Berry (two coats):  glossy oxblood red crème – applies well, but be careful for pooling, because it is a bitch to clean up.  The ring finger is darker because I used thicker coats on that nail.


As a bonus, there are two new Cocktail Crush polishes.  The Cocktail Crush line consists of sheer glittery top coats, as seen in Holiday 2015.  I’ve layered one coat of both polishes over Disc of the Heavens and Very Merry Berry, to show a contrast of the top coats over light and dark polishes.


Jack Frost:  iridescent glitter in a fine silvery white glass-flecked clear base

Mojito:  fine green/gold glass-flecks in a clear base


It’s not a Christmas collection, but I find that Volume 4 of the Naileontology series has a jolly feel to it.  My all-time favorite Pretty Serious polishes are from the Naileontology series.  I consider myself to be more of a nail polish collector nowadays, tracking down beautiful polishes from years past.


Chariots of the Red Sea (two coats):  fine red glitter in a red jelly base


Disc of the Heavens (two coats):  milky jade green with a fine green shimmer


Mad Skull of Cloverton (two coats):  lilac pink shimmer base with a strong green flash

Disc of the Heavens is inspired by the legendary Chanel JadeChanel Jade was released during NYC Fashion Week 2009 with the Jade Nail Collection.  In 2009, mint green was all the rage and there was a lot of hype before the Jade release.  The night before the release, I stayed up until 1AM so I could grab my own bottle.  If I remember correctly, Jade was only available online and Chanel boutiques and sold out within days.  Jade was so notorious for its rarity that a European brand Catrice, made a Jade dupe named “Sold Out Forever”.  If you missed out on the original, skip the $300-400 eBay price tag and pick up Disc of the Heavens.

DotH is on the index and ring fingers, while Jade is on the middle and pinky fingers.  DotH is more opaque than Jade.  Jade’s green shimmer is a lot finer than DotH’s.


I WISH I could compare Chariots of the Red Sea with its inspiration, Chanel Nirvana.  In the late-1990s, Chanel and Seventeen Magazine held annual nail polish “Colour of the Year” contests.  The first winner, 1996’s Ciel de Nuit, inspired one of the first Museum of Naileontology shades, Eye of Copernicus.  I spent an ungodly amount of time researching which year Nirvana won, and I’ve narrowed it down to 1999.  This is the polish that got away from me.  Many, many moons ago (sometime around 2010-2013), someone sold a bottle of Nirvana for $10.  AND I MISSED IT.  Big props to Kaz for releasing the one that got away.


Finally, Mad Skull of Cloverton is inspired by Urban Decay Freakshow.  For most people, you hear “Urban Decay” and think, Naked palettes and out-of-the-ordinary color cosmetics.  However, the initial Urban Decay release in 1996 were edgy lipsticks and nail polishes.  I’ve got a post on most of the XX Vintage polishes.  Freakshow is from the 2000 re-branding of Urban Decay.


I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!  I’ll be back in 2017 with more goodies.  Thanks a lot <3

The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Cocktail Crush polishes were supposed to be 20% off until the 17th, but as of 12/19, they’re still at the 20% off price (normally $9.95 AUD/approx. $7.22 USD, currently $7.96 AUD/approx. $5.77 USD, Cocktail Crush normally $10.95 AUD/approx. $7.94 USD, currently $8.76 AUD/approx. $6.35 USD), so I’d grab something quickly!  The Museum of Naileontology polishes are $9.95 AUD/approx. $7.22 USD.

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