Pretty Serious Cosmetics The Well Meaning But Ultimately Quite Awkward Pet Names Collection

Pretty Serious

Does anyone use embarrassing pet names with their significant other?  Something so corny or cheesy it makes you cringe?  I call my husband “honey bunny” a lot.  Strangely enough, I didn’t know there was another connotation with that name…

(WARNING:  Definitely NSFW.)

My husband and I do a lot of things together, but robbing a restaurant is not one of those things.  Another thing I don’t do with him is swatch gorgeous polish, although he’s helped me immensely with photography-related issues.

Pretty Serious Pet Names - Cuddle Bunny

Cuddle Bunny (two coats):  lavender crème with fine subtle silver shimmer


Pretty Serious Pet Names - Honey Puff

Honey Puff (two coats):  bright yellow crème


Pretty Serious Pet Names - Pookie

Pookie (two coats):  aqua blue crème


Pretty Serious Pet Names - Snugglebutt

Snugglebutt (two coats):  bright violet crème


Pretty Serious Pet Names - Stud Muffin

Stud Muffin (one coat):  tomato red crème


Pretty Serious Pet Names - Sugar Cakes

Sugar Cakes (two coats):  matte neon pink crème

I cannot laud the formula enough.  Almost all of these apply flawlessly (Honey Puff is a bit tricky, but alas, that is the way with yellows) in two coats.  Not only am I crazy about the color, Stud Muffin was opaque in ONE COAT.  It does not get better than that.

What also makes these great is that they’re perfect for nail art applications.  Thanks to the two-coat formula, you have an easy canvas.  I had a lot of difficulty attempting to use these polishes in a water marble, but blogger Peacock Pie managed to do one.

If you’re in the market for some great crèmes, give these a shot!  You won’t be disappointed!

More about Janice

Janice Agagas-Welch is a Filipino Navy brat raised in Northwest Florida living the good life in the Lowcountry. She’s a married dog mom and licensed nail technician who has owned over 2000 polishes over the last 5 years. She also loves food, cider, mid-1990s R&B, college football and anything Peanuts/Snoopy-related.

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