How to Pull Off a Spring Hat

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There are some women that seem to have a gift when it comes to hats. They wear them with ease and every type seems to look great on them. For the rest of us mere mortals, pulling off hats can, unfortunately, come with a few fashion faux pauxs as they can be notoriously difficult to get right.

Having said that, with so many different styles in the stores these days we are here to try and help you figure out what hats to go for depending on the style you’re looking to achieve.


Embrace Your Inner Boho

Wide brimmed hats are two a penny these days so it’s never been easier to experiment with the different colours and textures to find one that works for you. Wide brimmed hats are not the fearsome creatures we think they are and can suit almost all face shapes and hair types, so play around a little with the different varieties until you find the one that you can’t live without. Have a look online at the different styles and see if you can’t pick up a bargain with a boohoo discount code. Wide brimmed hats are great with maxi dresses and skirts and floral patterns and flowing fabrics. Perfect for bringing out your inner-boho.


The Casual Beanie

The beanie is standing the test of time in the hat department and shows no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. A cool, slouchy beanie is a wonderful accessory to set off casual, quirky outfits, so try pairing up with dungarees, chunky scarves or bold jewelry.


Baseball Caps for a Girly Twist

Baseball caps don’t seem to get so much of a look in these days with so many more sophisticated hat option available. They are wrongly overlooked as being slightly ‘tomboyish’, however, in reality, they can put a very girly and ironically feminine twist to our outfits. Pair up with leather for an interesting contrast, or with denim for an energetic, sporty vibe.


Give into the Floppy

Shorter brimmed, floppy hats are devilishly chic and glamorous and add a real fashion punch to any look. They pretty much go with anything, summer dresses, daytime denim or even sexy evening jumpsuits. Once you find the right one for you, you’ll want to wear it with literally everything.


Bring The Beret Into your Life

Berets are not just for the streets of Paris, oh no, they are for anyone looking to add a little Parisian twist to their style. Team up with midi-skirts and chunky boots, or a denim shirt and khaki pipe-leg trouser for true European sophistication.


Woven Hats to Truly Embrace Spring

There is no other hat on the planet that symbolizes the spring and summer season more than the woven beach hat. Not just intended for lounging around on the beach, however, this gorgeous hat can be worn wherever the sun shines. Matched with a classic white shirt for shopping trips or with a floral summer dress for a relaxed stroll through the part, this amazingly versatile hat will set off any number of your favorite spring looks.

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