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Purgasm Fetish Fix Box


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There’s nothing more awesome in this world than a subscription box full of natural goodies for the hair and face. That’s exactly what Purgasm’s Fetish Fix Box is all about. The Fetish Fix Box is available 3-4 times a year, and includes 5-7 handmade, gourmet beauty products for the skin and hair. This is the perfect gift for anyone that loves handmade cosmetics made with all natural ingredients.

I’m particularly excited to try this box because as most of you do not know, I recently went natural. It’s awesome trying out some new products for my new hair do!

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Inside the box


Cocoa And Yogurt bar

1. Cocoa And Yogurt Creamy Lathering Mini Shampoo Bar– This cleanser is hand poured and infused with cocoa, rhassoul clay, yogurt and silk amino acids. The scent is light and smells like a creamy cocoa. I got 4 uses out of one mini bar. It creates a creamy, easy rinsing lather that leaves the hair soft, detangled, clean and fragrant. I really like this bar but it was hard deciding between this one and the honey mud which one I loved the most. They sell full-sized Cocoa and Yogurt Shampoo bars for $7.


Honey Mud Bar

2. Honey Mud Bar Facial Cleanser And Shampoo Bar– I made the decision after one wash that I love this one more than the cocoa and yogurt. Honey Mud is another shampoo bar and I love this one because not only does it smell great, but it’s double duty. You can cleanse your face and your hair!  This bar has a scent reminiscent of Marc Jacobs Honey, only in lighter form.


Sugar Bean Scrub  (2)

 Sugar Bean Scrub Summer Sangria and Vanilla Espresso– One word to describe these scrubs? MAGNIFICENT! I am a freak for body scrubs but they are not a one size fits all kind of concept. I like my eclectic collection of body scrubs because they are all different textures, scents, level of scent and moisturizing properties.


Sugar Bean Scrub  (1)

Vanilla Espresso Sugar Bean scrub fulfills my need for a sugary caffeinated scrub. Truth be told I love my Organic Bath Java Jolt, but there are times that I want coffee without the mint, and that’s exactly what this scrub does. It combines three of my favorite things- Columbian coffee, vanilla, and sugar all into one scrub. This scrub contains little particles of coffee, sugar, Adzuki beans and oatmeal. This is a large grit exfoliant, so go easy on yourself applying it, but this is great to transition from summer to fall.

Summer Sangria Sugar Bean scrub is my island getaway in the fall scrub. One sniff and you will fall in love. It smells like a sugary alcoholic beverage. Summer Sangria contains hibiscus to improve elasticity and lock in moisture.

Sadly, both of these scrubs are only available in the Trio Sampler BUT it’s only $11 for all three!

Passionfruit Body oil

3. Passion Flower And Ginger Bath, Body and Massage Oil– A box full of handmade products just aint a box without an oil of some sort. This is a product exclusive to the Fetish Fix box. Passion Flower and Ginger Oil is a blend of sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, vitamin E, ginger, calendula oil and love. It’s light and floral with a spicy kick! This is going to mesh well with my Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume!


Wild Cherry Curl Treatment

4. Wild Cherry Curl Treatment – You know how it goes trying to get chocolate products to Mississippi safely in one piece. While these little balls of glory are not all that photogenic, what I can say is they smell amazing and they are supposed to work miracles on the hair. So I’m holding out on using this product, and I will update with a full review of this is about a week. While we wait, here’s a blurb about the product:

Hydrate, Restore Elasticity, Increase Moisture Retention, Detangle with Ease and MUCH More! Indulge your hair in rich Raw Cocoa, Organic Bananas and Honey and other amazing hair superfoods…It’s the ULTIMATE hair treat!

5. Whipped Pomade– Last but definitely not least is the Whipped Pomade. This can be used as a moisturizer, leave in conditioner or styling product for braids, twists, and wash and go hair styles. This pomade is very dense and fluffy and has a cherry, coconut and cocoa scent to it. It’s a well performing product that applied very light but gives my hair some seriously well needed moisture.

Products inside the boxes may very and again, some products are exclusive to the box. The Fetish Fix box was enjoyable because of the mix of natural products for skin, hair and face. I thoroughly enjoyed this box and I will be coming back for more shampoo bars and whipped pomade!

Purgasm Fetish Fix Box retails for $25. Purchase by clicking here.

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