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Buying fashion accessories to gift to the men in your life isn’t always easy. They might be reluctant to wear a lot of things, especially if fashion isn’t really their thing. But there are lots of accessories you can convince them to wear. And if they already like paying attention to their style, there won’t be much convincing required. Even when you know a man who enjoys the finer things in fashion, choosing the right gift for him can be difficult. However, you have lots of options you can consider to get just the right accessory. While taking his personal tastes into account, try some of the following options.

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Ties might not be worn as much as they were in the past, but they certainly haven’t gone away. They’re still appropriate for working in an office, going to a wedding, or even looking cool on stage. But, whereas some men might still favor the whacky or novelty tie, others would much rather go for something sleek and suave. Ties come in different thicknesses, materials, patterns and colors, giving you plenty to choose from. It can also make your choice more difficult. When you’re choosing a tie, think about it as part of an outfit. How will it fit in with the other things he wears?

Cufflinks and Tie Clips

When a smart occasion calls for a tie, it can also be a great time to bring out other accessories. Pocket squares, cufflinks, and tie clips can all give the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Cufflinks range from fun, novelty shapes to smarter and more formal designs. Tie clips can also be straightforward rectangles, or they can offer more of a quirky touch to a suit and tie. They might be small details, but they can make a big difference. Adding a pocket square to a suit jacket adds an extra flash of color too.


Belts serve a practical purpose, but they can also be a smart accessory. A belt should help to keep pants in place, but they shouldn’t fall down if the belt is removed. It’s just there for a bit of support, not to be the only thing holding the pants up. A belt needs to match an outfit in color and material, including the buckle. While novelty belt buckles might be fine for maverick detectives on police procedurals, something a bit simpler is best for a smart gift. Think about the colors and style he normally wears before selecting a belt. With this one, you also need to get the right size. So a bit of investigation might be in order if you’re unsure.

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Wallets have a great practical use too, and they’re not just for formal occasions. If you want to buy a guy a wallet, you can get them a casual one or perhaps something smarter. A leather wallet should hold up for a long time, even if it gets a lot of use. But if you know a guy who perhaps isn’t so great at looking after things, perhaps something in a cheaper but no less tough material would be better. Most men’s wallets are simple, with space for cards, notes, and perhaps a pocket for change. Some have more space than others, so take that into account.


For many men, the only ring they will ever wear is their wedding ring. However, others are open to wearing other rings, from class rings to random fashion accessories. Just like with women’s rings, men’s rings offer a range of styles to suit different people. For example, for a man who likes something flashy, the mens rings from Frost NYC could be a good choice. Some men might prefer something a little more subtle, perhaps in a smaller size or with a simpler design. You need to think about taste if you’re going to buy a ring for a man. You also need to get the correct size.


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Watches are a classic accessory, but they can also get pricey. If you’re going to get one for someone as a gift, it’s probably going to be for a special occasion. While smart watches have become more and more popular in the last couple of years, classic analog watches are also still a great choice to accessorize an outfit. A lot of the time, a watch is expected to be worn every day. However, some people own multiple watches. If you know a guy who has several watches, adding one to his collection could be a good idea.


Bracelets might sometimes be seen as more feminine, but men have often worn bracelets in different styles. There are lots of types of bracelet you could consider as a gift, from metal cuffs to rope bracelets that can be used on outdoor adventures. Bracelets can be made of wood, leather, nylon, and more. They’re usually a good addition to a more casual outfit, but the right one can look good as part of a more formal look too.


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When the sun’s out, there’s nothing that will make a guy look cooler than the right pair of sunglasses. When the sun isn’t out, there’s nothing that will make him look less cool, but that’s another story. Sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun, and they can make just about anyone look good. Getting the right style is important, though, so consider his face shape before buying.

Winter Accessories

If it’s getting colder, there are also several types of winter accessory that make ideal gifts for guys. Hats, scarves and gloves will keep him warm when it’s chilly outside. They can be used to complete a casual or formal look. Maybe you know someone who has winter accessories ideal for going to the store but needs something a little more suitable for a business meeting or a wedding.

Fashion accessories can make great gifts for the men in your life. There are cheap or expensive options you can explore.

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