Putting Sunglasses Under The Microscope



As far as accessories go, sunglasses are the heaviest of hitters in the summer time. Quite simply, they are the ultimate sidekick when done properly because they are flexible and lavish. If you don’t have the right pair this season, you might as well throw your style aspirations out of the window.


So, the question is: how does one choose the RIGHT pair? Picking sunglasses off the rack is easy and simple, yet choosing the perfect pair is far harder. With that in mind, here are the rules to follow the next time you go sunglasses shopping.


Cost Doesn’t Matter


The first thing that you will notice is the price. The problem with this is that you’re putting your health and fashion sense at risk. When on the search for the correct pair of sunglasses, the cost should be the last thing on your mind. To begin with, you need to think about the level of protection they provide from the sun. Then, it’s essential to consider the style and the color and how well they will fit in with your look. Plus, there is also the brand name to factor in and whether you trust the manufacturers. As you can see, the price is insignificant in comparison to everything else.


100% Ray Proof


Before fashion comes into the conversion, you have to worry about your health. After all, there is no need to wear sunglasses if the rays have ruined your eyes. So, forget about the color and size for a moment, and concentrate on practicality. What you are looking for are shades that will block the majority of UV rays which come in your direction. In fact, you want a pair that will prevent them 100%. The tag in the corner of the glass or on the label should have all the info, so give it a browse.



Bigger Is Better


Retailers like bestbuyeyeglasses.com sell more overgrown sunglasses now than ever before. Do you want to know why? The logic is two-fold. Firstly, the average person is beginning to understand the importance of a focal point. Usually used in interior design, a focal point is an item or accessory which draws people’s attention. The bigger the sunnies, the more focus they will draw as no one will be able to avert their gaze. Secondly, big shades have a larger surface area, and that makes them more effective at blocking light. That’s what they call killing two birds with one stone.


Face Shape


Whether sunglasses have the desired effect depends on your face shape. Different profiles need certain styles, and it’s imperative to understand this beforehand. For starters, you need to figure out the shape of your face before you can even think about making a purchase. Once you have it down, it’s vital that you research which glasses suit your figure the best. For those of you with no clue, check out cosmopolitan.com for more info. Then, there is no need to ruin your style.


And there you have it – now you can wear shades without wondering how they appear. A little secret: they look amazing!

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