Question Of The Day: Would You Pay To Have Your Brows Styled At Home?


Think about it- You’ve had a long week at work and the only thing you want to do is relax. You don’t want to go out and wait in line to have someone do your brows (and they might not do them right). What if you could call someone to come to your home and style your brows?

If you live in New York, that is now an option thanks to Brow Brigade by Hair Room Service.  The Brow Brigade promises to snatch your brows into shape in minutes and you get to choose how- threading, waxing or tweezing!

Remodel or reshaping costs $65, and retouching the brows costs a cool $45. So would you do it?

If I lived in New York, I’m 100% sure I would. I style my brows at home myself because I don’t trust my brows in the hands of anyone. Even at the affordable price tag of $12. But when you think about the time and the gas, the convenience and the expertise of the Brow Brigade, $45 is not that bad.

So tell me, would you pay the Brow Brigade to do your brows at home? Comment, tweet me, answer on Facebook or G+!

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