Quick And Inexpensive Ways To Add Beauty To Your Home

Ever seen one of those home-makeover show programmes where the decor experts transfer one lucky person’s living space from something drab to beautiful? Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of a tv network willing to spend time in our home, and we most certainly don’t have the finances to match the dream setup that they have given one fortunate homeowner. Still, it is possible to add beauty to your home quickly and cheaply, so have a look at our ideas below.

Sort out your front porch



Before you set foot into your home, it’s worth focussing on the exterior. Sweep away any debris and add a fresh lick of paint to the door and woodwork. A hanging flower basket or colorful wreath would look good on your door too. With a little bit of attention to the beauty on the outside, you can continue inside and work on the rest of the house.


Get rid of the ugly


Your home is never going to be beautiful if there are too many unsightly issues haunting the place, so do something about it. Decluttering the place is a good place to start, getting rid of the junk you have accumulated over the years, and putting it in a cardboard box ready to go to charity. That lime green vase somebody bought you as a gift a few years back? If you don’t like it, and it doesn’t match your colour scheme, add it to the charity box. Then replace discarded items with something new. You don’t have to spend a fortune as you may find something in the charity shop that would look lovely in your home.


Cover up problem areas


You may not have the money to invest in new furniture, but it’s still possible to reinvigorate them with a little more style. Add some luxurious throws to your sofa, and consider some of these lush cushions from www.lushlampshades.co.uk for a start. Then change up the lighting in each room, including ambient lighting that will promote the areas you want to show off, but leaves those irritating problem areas in the shadows.


Add a little fragrance


The smell of your home needs to match the aesthetics, so place a few scented candles around your home. You might even spray some of your perfume around the house before you leave for work in the morning, and you will still be able to catch the scent when you return home in the evening. Alternatively, envelop your home with the smell of nature with flowers from www.ukflowerdelivery.co.uk. Not only will they add a pleasing fragrance to each room in your house, but they will look absolutely gorgeous too.


Focus on your kitchen



It would be great if you have had the opportunity to remodel your kitchen, but fret not if you can’t. Again, smells are important here, and you can bring life to your kitchen area with some incense sticks, or do a little baking and bring in the fresh smell of cookies. When it comes to how your kitchen looks, there are some wonderful ideas at www.housebeautiful.com. From replacing old cupboard doors to using lighter colours on your walls, you will soon be able to bring added beauty to the one room in the house that seems to attract the most mess and wear and tear.


Relaxation time in the bathroom


If there’s one area you need to invest time and energy, it’s the bathroom. It’s a busy room, and one which suffers from the patter of many feet coming in and out during the day. From towels strewn across the floor to toothpaste staining the sink, you are never going to relax in the bath after a hard day at work if the room is a mess. So, you need to keep on top of the housework for starters. Then invest in some fluffy towels and add a matching rug underfoot in the colour of your choice. Again, scented candles will work a wonder in the room, as well as a fresh vase of flowers for colour and fragrance. You might also follow our advice at www.heyaprill.com on creating the perfect spa experience, to make your time in the bathroom extra special.


Look for inspiration


We have only been able to give you are few ideas, but there is a whole wealth of inspiration to be found elsewhere online. Some of the best places are listed on this article at www.buzzfeed.com so take a look at what’s on offer. Then spend time looking around the homes of your friends and family, and source ideas from their example in adding a sense of beauty. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so your taste does not have to match somebody else’s. A matching colour scheme is usually recommended, but contrasting styles can also work well. Again, look at the ideas given on specialist sites, as well as general websites such as Pinterest that can give you some helpful tips.

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