Quoted In The Clutch + Clarification


Sorry it took me so long to cover this but I’m fresh out of the hospital and I wanted to get this out in the open with a clear mind.

Last week, I was quoted in Clutch Magazine’s article about cosmetic companies and their bias to black bloggers. I want to first of all thank all the women that took a moment to check out my blog. Thanks for all the shares, RT’s, shout outs, positive comments, love and criticisms.

Now I want to briefly clarify a few things:

I’ve seen shade tossed to and fro. The biggest tree I’ve seen flung over our heads is that we need to embrace the brands that want to work with us. If we were to do that, we would be working with little to no brands. Though the article only speaks about MAC, this is bigger than that. I’m asking for all brands to be fair when it comes to working with black bloggers. I do not think it is conducive to mute covering these brands when you the consumer will continue to search for swatches and buy from the brand. It is time that the connection between the black blogger, the brand, and the consumer be met.  How will this happen? I do not know. But it is my goal before I exit the blogging community to see that change is made. I’m tired of the lack of representation.

I want to thank the bloggers that commented and know exactly where we are coming from. I love when like-minded people come together. That’s when something powerful happens.


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