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nubian heritage soap

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Nubian Heritage is a skin and hair care brand that combines indigenous ingredients born from healing traditions around the globe to create products for both men and women to keep the skin and hair at it’s best. I have three soaps for you today that I’ve tested and I’m absolutely in love with.

Mango Butter Soap

Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Soap

This soap contains pure vegetable butters, essential oils and organic herbs with mango butter to seal in moisture without clogging the pores and shea butter to improve skin elasticity. I love the bright, sunny, yellow color of Mango butter soap and the intoxicating scent of honey.

Goat’s Milk & Chai Soap

Nubian Heritage Goat’s Milk & Chai Soap

If your skin is a little rough around the edges, you will love this one! Goat’s Milk & Chai Soap contains skin softening honey with rose extracts.  Add in goat’s milk and the mildly astringent rose water and you have a soap that will cleanse, condition and soften the skin.  This soap is white with bits of herb in it, and has a romantic scent of roses.

Honey & Black Seed Soap

Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Soap

See a pattern with these soaps? Honey! But the star of the show in Honey & Black Seed soap is the black seed. Rumor has it that Queen Nefertiti used black seed oil to keep up her beautiful complexion. Combine it with the natural anti-septic wild honey and you have the potential for flawless skin! Honey & Black Seed soap is a red toned brown soap in color, and smells like black seed.

Nubian Heritage soaps are available for $4.49. Pick these soaps up at CVS, Whole Foods and The Vitamin Shoppe!

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