Reached Your Fitness Goals? How To Maintain Motivation


Changing a habit is something that never comes easy, even if you are doing it for the best of reasons. This is why so many people get into the gym with good intentions, stick at it for an initial honeymoon period and then just fall off.

The reasons for this can vary. Other life priorities take over, injury, not feeling the fun factor, lack of initial progress and many more besides. Whatever the reason, it’s always a shame to give up on something good.

Hang around a gym for long enough and you will hear many competing theories. Some will tell you that it’s the first month in the gym that separates those who are serious from those who never will be. Others will tell you that a lack of instant results may be what stops people coming.

Some people stop working out after they have seen early results taper off. It’s easy to see why this is where a lot of people back off. In those early days – where every step on the scale results in a piece of good news – you can convince yourself that working out is fun. But when you have to battle for every pound, is it as easy to keep going back?


It’s Harder When You Hurt

So many decisions to give up on the gym are made when a person is in pain after a workout. Small injuries can put you off in the long term. Stress injuries to muscle and bone can be hugely off-putting. Smart use of supplements can make you less likely to feel the pinch as badly. As these real AlgaeCal reviews show, a gain in bone density is beneficial to presenting such issues. It can make fresh injuries a lot less likely, as well as aiding recovery from existing ones.

Remember: always consult a doctor before taking a supplement.

Change Your Perceptions

One reason that people start to lose their motivation when working out is a “Mission Accomplished” feeling in the back of their minds. If you’ve been working out successfully for months and have reached a target weight, it’s harder to pick up and go again.


At this point, it may be useful to stop thinking in terms of weight and start thinking in terms of health. Exercise is not just about looking better – it’s about being healthier, having more energy and feeling stronger. It’s not just about the scales.


Even if the upward trend slows, that doesn’t mean you won’t continue to improve. There’s still benefits to be reaped beyond a slimmer waistline.

See The Bigger Picture

It is also important to think of your fitness not just in terms of something that can be measured, but as something you feel.

While out shopping, note how much more walking you can tolerate and how much easier it is to carry heavy bags. All testament to your gym routine. In the morning, note how much more relaxed you feel thanks to a good night’s sleep. These changes are just as important as any other, and they’re all thanks to exercise. The benefits spread throughout your life, so don’t discount them.


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