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As a black girl from the South I have many memories of Ampro Clear Ice Hair Gel. If you got your hair done in a salon, I don’t care what style, chances are they used this in your hair.  Even though the packaging clearly stated it was flake free…. you saw the flakes. But you didn’t care! Clear Ice was your baby if your hair was styled or not. Fingerwaves, French rolls, rollersets, a good slick down or replicating Chili’s baby hair, Clear Ice was here for us.

There wasn’t a hair gel on the market that could hold down black hair like Ampro. Over the years, I stopped using it. Not because it’s a horrible product, or the flaking, I just kinda stopped. Probably because I use foam to set my hair, but the real is back, and reformulated!

Building off the strength of America’s favorite clear protein styling gel, Clear Ice®, Ampro created a protein-free version that remains alcohol-free and has been enhanced with Coconut Oil to make the Ultra Hold gel more moisturizing and flake free.

To accompany the new Clear Ice® Coconut Oil Styling Gel, is a Foaming Wrap Lotion, Oil-Free Gloss Spray, Shining Serum and Thermal Styling Spritz which are all free of alcohol, parabens, proteins and dyes to keep hair looking healthy, well moisturized, tangle-free and protected during heat styling.

Good for natural, chemically processed or color treated hair, wigs and extensions, the Clear Ice® line extension is positioned to be another winner for Ampro.  “Our loyal consumers have been asking for years, to introduce a complete line of styling products to accompany their beloved Clear Ice ® Protein Styling Gel” says Tricia Snead, Vice President of Brand Development and Marketing.  “We have answered that request with hair care products that not only style the hair, but will keep our consumer’s hair looking healthy and more manageable. We are very proud of this new line.”

Look out for these products at your local beauty supply store March 2014.

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