Relationship Counselling Has Nothing On These Date Night Ideas

Any long-term relationship will have its fair share of arguments. No matter how long it lasts, the honeymoon period will come to an end. And, when it does, you may experience rage towards your partner like you never knew you had in you. In fact, if things get bad, even the sound of their breathing will leave you wanting to tear your hair out.

When you start feeling like this, it’s easy to think your love is doomed. In truth, though, rage in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t love each other anymore, or that things won’t still work out. But, it is a sign that you’re both making mistakes somewhere along the way. It might be that you’ve stopped communicating, or that you don’t take the time to appreciate each other anymore. Either way, feelings like these are one of the leading reasons couples visit relationship counselor.

But, to some of us, the idea of going into counselling like this is a step too far. And, to be fair, the concept of airing your relationship laundry to a stranger isn’t always an appealing choice. Lucky for you, it isn’t your only option. If you feel your relationship is on the brink, turning to a professional may be best. But, if your issues are small, consider these date night ideas which give relationship counselling a run for its money.

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Date in the dark

Going out for dinner has long been a dating staple, but that may not be enough to see you through here. If you and your partner struggle to make time for each other, dinner in the dark could be a fantastic option. Many venues across the world now offer this experience, and you’d be crazy not to give it a go. By removing all external stimulus, you and your man will have no choice but to find new ways to communicate. Forget sitting on your phones all night; this will bring you together and make you explore each other in a whole new way.


Enter an escape room

You might also want to look into booking an escape room during one of your dates. Here, you and your man will be locked in a room with 60 minutes to escape. If you haven’t been working well as a team, this is the ideal way to get your heads back in the game. If you want to succeed in your escape, you’ll have no choice but to work together. What’s more, this is a fantastic way to reignite a closeness without dwelling on negatives. And, that could be the most effective thing for you both.

Learn to dance together

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Dancing is an incredibly sensual thing. If the spark has gone out of your relationship, learning to dance as a couple could be a fantastic way to reignite it. After an hour strutting your stuff and swaying together, it’s unlike you’ll be able to keep your hands off each other. And, you’ll have a brand new skill to boot.

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