A Resolution You Can Keep: Reinvent Yourself


Everyone wants to start over at the beginning of a new year. So we make all of these resolutions that we may have every intention of keeping, but for one reason or another don’t actually follow through on it.

USA.gov lists the most popular resolutions people make every year. You know what’s not on that list? Giving yourself a makeover. I know that technically, you can count any of those resolutions as a makeover, but I’m talking about a fashion makeover. I’m talking about reinventing yourself, from a fashion standpoint.

Sometimes we wait until we’re under a ton of stress and then we’ll go do something drastic like cut off our hair or dye it another color. The kind of makeover I’m talking about isn’t one you do while you’re under duress. It’s an effort that you consciously make, after a lot of thinking, planning and homework. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Break Down Your Walls

The first thing to fly out of a fashion critic’s mouth is criticism. It sounds redundant, but have you actually heard them say anything that was 75% positive? Here’s what you’re used to hearing from them:

  • “This doesn’t go with that.”
  • “That color is all wrong for this season.”
  • “This outfit makes this flaw on her stand out.”
  • “What was she thinking?”

Here’s the thing: they make a living judging people by their looks and telling them what to wear. What they think has nothing to do with what you think.

I’m sure you’re as afraid of criticism as everyone else. What if your friends and family don’t like your new look? What if perfect strangers judge you? What if everyone starts to tell you how horrible you look?

The thing you need to remember is this: when those people got dressed that day, did they consult you? Did they think about you at all? No and no. So why should you?

Step outside of your comfort zone. Be brave. Try something new. And don’t worry about what everyone thinks of you. The important thing is what you think of yourself.

Step 2: Get an Idea for Your New Look

You’ll love this step. It requires that you do window shopping, and lots of it. You’ll also get to try on a bunch of new clothes without actually committing to anything yet, a guilty pleasure I’m sure everyone has indulged in on more than three occasions.

Look through magazines, store windows, racks, celebrity websites – anything you need in order to get an idea of what the new you is going to look like. Take note of styles, colors and looks that you’d like to try out, but have never been brave enough to do. Try on whatever you can find that fits in the realm of your new look. This is how you’re going to find out what you like and what you don’t like, what’s flattering on you and what isn’t.

Take in as much as you can. Chances are you’re going to wind up marrying a lot of styles before you come up with something you think you can pull off.

I’m encouraging you to borrow a little bit from everywhere. You don’t have to be exclusively one type of style. Who says boho chic and Audrey Hepburn can’t mix? Yes it can, and you can make it happen. Which brings me to my next point.

Step 3: Financing Your Makeover

Now we’re going to combine work and fun in order to raise money for our new look.

I’m going to recommend that you sell everything in your home you aren’t using. This isn’t limited to clothes, although we will cover that in a minute. We’re also talking about things in your garage, attic, and anywhere else in your home. Get rid of all of it. We usually save this for spring cleaning but there’s no rule that says you can’t get an early start.

For the things around your house, I recommend you try to either sell them on eBay or a similar auction site, or you hold a garage/yard sale. If you don’t have enough to sell on your own, see if you can do a joint sale with a neighbor or a friend. The point is to turn everything you’re not using into cash, which you can use.

You can do the same thing with clothes and accessories, except you don’t have to leave your house to do it. There are plenty of sites like Rebagg.com that will buy your designer handbags off of you. As an aside, it’s extremely important that you get rid of most of your old clothes if you’re going to do a makeover. Otherwise you’ll just be wasting space, and that’s never a good idea.

This year I challenge you to try something different. Be bold. Step outside of your boundaries. Reinvent yourself, and take a step towards being the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

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