Rilastil Interactive Skincare Advisor Review + First Impressions


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Rilastil is a premiere skincare line which includes skin and body care products to take care of your skin. The product line includes products for all skin types. For a newcomer, shopping Rilastil’s site can be confusing, so Rilastil implemented the The Interactive Skincare Advisor. The Interactive Skincare Advisor asks 6 multiple choice questions to help find products that are right for your specific skin needs. Questions include:

Rilastil Skincare Advisor

  • When do you see visible shine after cleaning you face?
  • Are you prone to redness?
  • What aspect of your skin do you want to change the most?
  • How would you describe your skin?
  • What is your main concern in the eye area?
  • How many products do you normally use in your daily routine?

After answering the very short series of questions, you will be redirected to a page with product recommendations. Here’s mine:


Rilastil results

After browsing the site I placed an order with a few of the products listed above and added a few other products that piqued my interest. Here are my first impressions and basic information about each product:



Micellar Solution $35 

Rilastil Micellar Solution comes from the Daily Care collection and is a water like cleanser that removes makeup and other impurities from the face and eye area preserving moisture, improving elasticity, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Micellar Solution has a light soapy scent and cleansed my face without leaving my skin tight and dry feeling. I also picked up a bottle of the formula for sensitive skin when my rosacea flares.



Aqua Legere Cream $45 

Rilastil Aqua Legere Cream comes from the Aqua collection and is a light emulsion with a  light gel texture that provides rapid hydration to the skin. Legere cream features hyaluronic acid, ceramids and Omega 6. Aqua Legere’s scent is light and fragrant and lingers on the skin for about an hour. Overall my skin was very soft and smooth.



Hydrotenseur Concentrate Drops, $90

Rilastil Hydrotenseur Concentrate Drops is specifically for gravitational wrinkles. The serum is rich with a light texture and absorbs quickly.  This concentrate felt a little heavy on my skin but I love the scent. I’m curious to see how this affects my skin long term.



Hydrotenseur Eye Contour Cream, $52

Rilastil Hydrotenseur Eye Contour Cream that promises to contrast the signs of time with anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant action. This cream provides nutrients to the eye area to relax the skin and provide the delicate under eye area with intense hydration. The texture of the eye cream is a watery, gel like substance that I am not a fan of, but when dosed correctly, absorbs under the eye area quickly with a light scent that does not linger for more than an hour.

Rilastil Skin Care products are available on Rilastil’s website. Use the code GLITTER20 to receive a free mascara ($35 Value) plus 20% OFF & free shipping on orders over $65. Click the ad in the right sidebar to enter to win $125 worth of skincare products. One winner is chosen weekly.

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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

9 thoughts on “Rilastil Interactive Skincare Advisor Review + First Impressions

  1. Kita

    I am funny about what I put on my face and skin so I am always looking for real reviews done because I know not everything is for everyone. Never heard of this product before though so I will be looking more into it.


  2. Rachel Akers

    I have not heard of this brand before. I like that it seems to offer some customization with the questions. But those prices are crazy high. $90 for something better make me look like a teenager again.


  3. Victoria H

    I always seem to have a hard time finding
    new products that give my skin the results that I desire. I will definitely
    have to check out the site to see which recommendations they give me. Thanks so
    much for sharing this with us today.


  4. Rochkirstin Santos

    I have never encountered Rilastil brand before. It’s not available in our country but it’s still good to learn more about its line of products. Having an interactive skin advisor is great so we know which products would suit us best.


  5. Mimi

    Never heard of this brand before but I am looking for new facial products so I will give the survey a whirl to see what it recommends for my skin type


  6. Jennifer Juro

    Since hitting thirty it seems like my skin care needs to be kicked up. This sounds like a great brand, having a good cleanser is key to me. I work out quite a bit so the cleanser is the biggest must have for me.


  7. Joanne T Ferguson

    Thank you for highlighting products I have never heard about! I always believe the success of anti-aging is to take care of your skin with wonderful products like these before it is too late!


  8. Tracy Iglesias

    I would like to try the Rilastil Hydrotenseur Eye Contour Cream as I prefer Gel texture products, especially the ones for the eyes, I store mine in the fridge and then put them on in the morning cold to reduce puffiness!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly


  9. erica acevedo

    I’ve heard of Rilastil before, but I’ve never purchased pr used any of their products. I love that they provide the skin care advisor, especially since I never really know what kind of skin care products to buy. Heaven knows now that I’m over 30, I should really start amping up the beauty routine – can’t stay looking young forever without putting in some work!


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