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New to the Beyonce Parfums family is RISE By Beyonce. Beyoncé believes a woman’s power comes from within and when a woman connects with her very essence, she revels in her individuality, her strength, and her beauty. To honor this elevated and empowering attitude, Beyoncé was inspired to create her newest scent, RISE.

Fun fact: The name of the perfume, RISE, is inspired by a Maya Angelou poem, Still I Rise.


RISE is packaged in a 1.7oz bottle. The bottle is clear, made of glass and reminds me a lot of a tower, or a skyscraper. It has a tall element to it. The top resembles a crown. The cap is a little hard to remove, you have to put some weight behind attempting to pull it off. The box RISE is packaged in is black with gold glitter designs at the bottom.

Top Notes

That first spray hits you with a blast of Bergamot. It’s very citrusy and tart.

Middle Notes

Middle notes include Orchid, Jasmine, and Freesia. Jasmine is the most prominent of the middle notes.

Bottom Notes

Bottom notes, or the dry down include Velvet and Musk.


Overall this is a nice fragrance, but it smells eerily familiar, but cant put my finger on it. Nevertheless, I am madly in love with RISE.

RISE will work great as a scent to wear to the office, or at night for a date. It does not sit well with me as an everyday fragrance outside of the workplace. RISE smells classy, sophisticated, and clean.

I do believe, out of every fragrance Beyonce has released over the years, this is a scent I images she would wear.

RISE by Beyonce is at the following locations with prices and size included if I could find them:

1.0 oz; $34; Kohl’s

1.7 oz; $37.50; Sears

1.0 oz; $29.99; Target

1.0 oz, $27.93; Walmart

Rite Aid



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