A Runner’s Guide To Muscle Strain

If you are a runner, the chances are that you either start or end each day with a run, or maybe you run both in the morning and the evening. You are used to being able to run whenever you want to; you are used to using running as a way to reduce stress and relax at the end of a long and hectic day. So when disaster strikes and you strain a muscle and are unable to run for a while, it’s always going to be difficult.

The good news is that although you may have to miss a couple of weeks of training, with the right care, you should be able to speed up the healing process and ensure that you are out and about on the track as quickly as possible. The question is, of course, what are the best ways to deal with muscle strain? Read on for everything that you need to know.

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Take ibuprofen

To reduce any pain that you are feeling, opt to take anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen instead of paracetamol. This kind of drug will not only help to reduce the pain that you are feeling, but it will also help to reduce any swelling that has occurred. If ibuprofen is not strong enough to help manage the pain, consult your chemist for advice.

If it’s bad, see your doctor

While most muscle strains can be successfully treated at home, if it is bad, it is a good idea to make an appointment to see your doctor. If after 24 hours of home remedies, your muscle feels no better, it’s worth contacting your doctor to ask for their advice. If you are unable to walk, there is significant swelling, or you heard a popping sound when the injury occurred, go straight to the hospital to get checked out.

Schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist

To help your muscle to heal, you may find it useful to see a physiotherapist. If you are under the care of your doctor for the injury, ask them if they would recommend that you undergo some physiotherapy. Physio can be highly beneficial when it comes to helping a muscle strain injury to heal, so it is something that is most definitely worth looking into. Just make sure to pick a reputable physiotherapist to deal with your injury, so that you know that you are getting the best treatment possible.

Use the PRICE formula

When taking care of your muscle strain, use the PRICE formula. The PRICE formula is made up of protecting the strained muscle, resting it, using ice on it, using a compression on it, and elevating it. This formula should help to make treating your injury at home, that little bit easier.

It is never easy dealing with an injury when you are an athlete of any kind, as it’s so hard to wait around for your injury to heal. However, hopefully, the tips above will help to make the healing process an easier and quicker one, not to mention a more comfortable one.


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