Save Some Money Whilst Saving The Environment!

When it comes to saving some money, the way you live often has to change. Whether that’s by cutting out your little luxuries, sticking to a budget, or by using less and less electricity to keep the bills at bay, there’s some easier ways to pad out your savings account. Take your regular habits for example here: shopping. Shopping has so many uses these days; donate to charity whilst you pay for your groceries, support fair trade businesses by being conscious with your shopping habits, and even donate extra foods and domestic products to those a little less fortunate than ourselves.


And all of that means someone else is having a much better life because of your contribution! So why not apply the same to the environment? You can see with that example alone that it’s going to be just as easy to start saving money by simply putting a little extra thought into the rest of our life habits. So save yourself some cash each month by thinking about how you can save the environment; here’s a couple of quick tips for you to try out.


Cut Out the Bottles

Bottles are usually made of plastic. Plastic is also one of the worst materials for producing pollution, poisoning our waters and cluttering up our lands. And it’s also one of the main waste exports from regular households, and simply sending all of your left over plastic products to the recycling tip isn’t enough anymore. Even then, plastic doesn’t biodegrade in the way the rest of our materials do, and the bacteria we see evolving to gobble the dust up in our oceans can’t manage it alone.

So instead of buying a water bottle from the store next time you head out and need a drink, take a bottle with you that’s filled up and you can keep filling up. It’s a lot cheaper for you, as you can save tens of dollars each month. That could on a little more healthier living, such as animal friendly soaps and makeups you like to treat yourself with every now and then!


Be Thrifty with Your Style

Being thrifty is one of the best sustainable practices you can pick up, and it can also be a lot of fun at the same time. Diving in and out of the biggest thrift stores near you means you can pick up a whole world of hidden gems, and all for only a few dollars at a time! And when it comes to clothes, you can save hundreds each year on your wardrobe by choosing to go a little more vintage with what you want to wear!

When you shop at thrift stores, or pick up some shirts from second hand shops, you’re most likely going to be investing in fabrics away from polyester fabric, which is another form of plastic that’s melted differently to make it wearable. And this means you’re going to be wearing organic fabrics that are a lot better for your skin (and your body odour), airing you out in warm moments and trapping warm air in the colder months. It’s cheap and cheerful, and no longer is the high street simply going to rob you of your money.


Sell Off Your Old Tech

Selling off the old technology you have in your home, or around your home like the old TV that’s still camped out next to the trash in the backyard, is going to make you some good money. If you’ve still got plenty of equipment that’s in working condition, of course you could just trade it in, or you could send it off to be taken to pieces to have the metal be reused. And that can be done for any old phone or laptop model, working or completely broken.

If you still have the original packaging and all of the accompaniments, you’re going to make a lot of good money here. However, it’s not an exclusive market, so don’t worry if the box went out with the rubbish years ago. Similarly, using the online world is going to be your calling here. Find a good site to make sure you’re getting the most buck for your bang, and compare all the prices across your models. You could squeeze an extra ten dollars or so out of the deal when you search around properly.

Now not only are you going to be giving the environment a good break here, you’re also going to get a good return on an investment you made a good few years ago. That mistake of a first phone finally doesn’t hang at the back of your mind!


Turn Off the Heating

When it comes to heating the house you live in, you’ve got a lot of rooms to keep cosy all at once. And this can be extremely expensive, and you can end up losing a lot of wasted energy out of your windows and doors simply by opening them up. So instead of wasting so many pennies each month on a heating bill you’re probably not even getting a full use of, try simply turning off the heating!

This sounds immediately counterproductive, but it’s just good practice that keeps your bill down and gets you used to making your own heat and being more conservative with any of the energy you are using. Put on a sweater or a jacket when you get a bit chilly, and replace your curtains with some heavy drapes. These are going to keep the heat in when you really need it, as it blocks out the draft that always comes through a closed window. Even when you’re insulated, you might just feel a bit drafty because of the pane material alone.

Saving money whilst saving the environment at the same time are great byproducts of each other. You don’t have to fork out for solar panels or move to a house in a more of a green zone; spend some pennies each month for the better.

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