Say Yes To Invest! The 5 Best Accessories To Splurge On

Accessories are always a tricky area of fashion to focus on. But they can also be one of the more fun to play around with. Jeans can feel like a nightmare to try on, and dresses and jumpsuits can be chaotic for those of us with different sized tops to bottom. With accessories, none of this applies. Whether you’re trying on a pair of shoes or picking out a new pair of glasses, you’ll always find an accessory that works for you.

So, it’s a no-brainer that we should all be investing in our accessories. Sometimes, the big question is, where should we put our money? Now, this all important question can be answered in two parts. Not only should our investments hold – meaning that we shouldn’t necessarily lose our money as soon as we invest, but they should be long-lasting too. When you invest in an accessory, you want it to last for life. To help you make your investment decision, take a look at these five key categories to consider.



First up, it’s time to talk handbags. One of the best kind of investments we can make in accessories will always be designer bags. Some of the most long-standing designers have been around for decades – meaning you’ll always get your money back if you want to resell or that they will last you an awfully long time. So, forget to pick up a bargain find in your local target unless you’re planning on donating it to charity soon and moving on to the next trend. Either way, whichever option seems best for you, here are some top tips on investing in handbags.

Some of the best designers to invest in will also be Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Both brands are widely popular around the world and not just the country. Therefore, they tend to hold their value. If you’ve not bought a designer bag before and you’re looking to make your first purchase, it’s always a good idea to take a look at your most worn clothing items in your closet. That way, you can work out what color would be best. If black is best, you might want to think about a classic Chanel buy. Or if you’re more of a tan wearer, a Louis Vuitton Neverfull is an ideal starter bag.



Following closely behind bags will always be shoes. Shoes are that kind of accessory that we all love to buy. Not only are they insanely gorgeous to look at, but we also don’t have to diet to fit into them! When you figure out your adult shoe size, you often stay at that size for most of your life. So, before you think about what shoe style to invest in, you should work out your shoe size and make sure you’re finding a shoe that fits you properly. That way, not only will they last you a long time, you’ll find them more comfortable to wear (especially if you’re planning on buying heels).

When you invest in a pair of shoes, it’s always a good rule to stick to a style that you know and love, as well as a common color way. If you wear a lot of nude colored shoes, buying black won’t be the best option for you. Likewise, if you live in black footwear, a statement red paid may always stay in the box. Regardless of the brand you go for, make sure you talk to the sales assistant about sizing, comfort, and protection too. When you’re making an investment, you want to ensure you know how to look after your shoes and keep them clean.



Some people are big watch fans, while others wear them for functionality. Either way, a watch can often be one of the biggest investments you make in your accessories collection – no matter what your budget may be. When you’re first looking into making a watch based investment, you’re going to want to think about two very important things. First up, what do you use it for? If you’re in a busy job and need a lot of protection, a sturdy metal watch might be best for you. Or, if your have a leisurely career and like material straps, that might work well for you too.

Once you’ve worked out whether you’re more metal or material, it’s time to look at some amazing must have models. It’s often good to compare a few different styles to see what you like. You might think you love one style, but trying it on could change your mind. For that reason, it’s always good to shop around before you make a choice. Things like face shapes, colour, and size, are quite important here, and the best way to decide before making an investment is to try them all on and see what suits you.



Up there with watches will always be jewelry. Some people prefer to wear inexpensive costume jewelry that can be changed with the seasons, but if you’re looking to make an investment in something you can pass down through your family, or in an engagement ring, you’re going to want to do your research. It’s always a good idea to shop for your jewelry like a jeweler would. Especially if you want it to keep its value. When it’s a personal purchase, the overall look of the ring, necklace or bracelet will also be important too.

One of the first things you might want to make a decision on is the metal you’re going to choose. If you tend to wear a lot of silver and white gold, it might not be a good idea to invest in yellow gold – and vice versa. If you’re looking to get a lot of wear out of your investment, it will need to suit your style. The same goes for your engagement ring. After all, you’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life. Here, research is crucial. Have a look online, in antique shops and in jewelry catalogs for inspiration. Not only will you discover whether you like modern or period jewelry, you can start to compare things like stone size and color, setting and overall design.


And then there are always the little bits of accessories that we don’t always see as big investments, but they can be just as important to your overall style. Here, we’re not talking things like hosiery or underwear, but more sunglasses, scarves, and brooches. These are on the smaller side of the accessory line, but they are just as important.

If you wear sunglasses every single day, it might be worth investing in a designer pair that is more robust than some of the cheaper alternatives. Alternatively, if you’re someone who often misplaces their sunglasses, it might be best to focus on another accessory area. Perhaps you wear a lot of scarves? Whether you like to accessorize in this way, or you live in a colder part of the country, you can pick up some really great cashmere and silk scarves that will hold their value and last in life as long as you will. And finally, there’s always brooches to consider. A little old school, these decorative jewelry pieces can really add a vintage air to an outfit. The best part is, antiques like designs or even designer pieces from Chanel can add a luxury look to your style and still hold great value over time too.


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