Searching For a New Career? Look to the Future

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you’re thinking about switching your career. One is figuring out what you’ll enjoy. The second is whether you have the necessary skills needed to do your new job. But there’s a third factor too: will the job still be around in, say, a decade’s time? The answer might not be as clear as you think. Given the rise of automation, it’s estimated that somewhere in the region of 30 – 40% of professions may be last in the not too distant future. As such, if you’re going to switch careers, then it’ll be worthwhile finding one that will still exist for the length of your employment years. Below, we take a look at a few industries that are virtually future-proof.



Delivering Healthcare


We’re hurtling towards a pretty unique time in human history. Very soon, there’s going to be significantly more older people than there are younger people, which is going to skew the available jobs in favour of those that meet the needs of the older generation. Healthcare is an industry that technology can only aid, not replace, purely because so much of healthcare is dependent on “the human factor.” If you think you could work closely with people, consider working towards a nursing or social care degree.


Logistical Issues


The world is ever-changing, and as such, the workforce needs to have people that can manage transitions, deal with problems, and all-around ensure that business carries on as usual, no matter what political and economic strife is taking place across the globe. If you think you’re able to handle these complexities, then take a look at studying for a supply chain management masters. Once you’ve completed your studies, you’ll be able to work with companies to manage and improve their supply chain strategy. Because the global landscape is ever in flux, it won’t be a position that the robots can sweep in and claim.


All Things Tech


The technological revolution is well underway, but it’s nowhere near complete. As such, in the coming decades, we’re going to see the digital world become an even greater part of everyday life. From the internet of things to self-driving cars, to yes, even robots, there’s going to need people the scenes pushing everything along and making sure everything is in full working order. If you can’t beat the robots, then why not join them?


Thinking Global


The world is getting smaller and smaller, but it’s not quite ready for it. There’s a still lot of international law, foreign taxation, and translation that needs sorting out. If you have a generally global mindset, why not make it part of your work? There’ll be plenty of opportunities for work in the coming decades. And you’ll also have the opportunity to travel for yourself, and see the world in all its glory. Nice!


The future isn’t set in stone but based on what we know; it’s wise to find a job that will be as important in twenty years as it is today.


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