Secrets to the Perfect Party Look

Attending an evening party is not the time to go with a natural, no-makeup look. What you want instead is a look that highlights the best of you. This means allowing your eyes to pop and adding accents to all the right spots. Unfortunately, that perfect evening party is the trickiest of them all to achieve.

There are so many ways you can look fabulous for an evening party. It’s not just the makeup either; the dress you wear, the accessories you add to the look, and how you do your hair matter too. In this article, however, I’m going to share some of the secrets that will help you achieve the perfect look for an evening party.

Start with the Dress

The dress you wear to the party is an important ingredient of your evening party look, so start by choosing a gorgeous dress for the occasion and work your way up from there. The dress you wear and details about it will determine the best makeup and hairdo to go for.

There is no shortage of evening dresses to choose from too. You can go with a glamorous evening dress with a lot of accents and combine it with an equally glamorous makeup look. You can also choose a gorgeous black dress and a simpler look without looking any less beautiful.

The point is to start with the dress. You can even draw inspiration from catalogs of evening dresses. The catalogue for evening dresses by JOVANI is filled with beautiful dresses that can be the centerpiece of your perfect party look. Have a look at their collection and see if there’s a piece that stands out.

Choose a Feature

When choosing your makeup for an evening party, it is best to pick a feature to really accentuate. In the case of an evening party look, you can either make your eyes pop or put more emphasis on your lips, but don’t try to do both. You will end up looking over the top rather than elegantly beautiful.

You can make your eyes look more dramatic and bolder using a rich color palette. I recommend matching the color of the dress, although you can also go with complementary colors to really make the eyes pop.

On the other hand, you can use colors like red or pink to direct attention to your lips. A muted red works like a charm, or you can go with any sheer lipstick for a more natural look. Avoid matte lipstick for the occasion, since matte colors don’t shine as beautifully for the evening.

The Perfect Base

Before you start working on your features and adding highlights to other areas, you need to start with a blank canvas. Since we’re talking about an evening party, looking flawless is a must. You can use a foundation that matches the color and texture of your skin to eliminate blemishes and spots. Make sure you blend it well so that you have the perfect base to play with.

The other layers you add to your makeup need to be equally flawless. Be very careful with the tones and colors you add as you complete your makeup for the evening. Stick with matching, natural colors for things like your primer and highlights. Remember the previous rule: let your main feature pop and be subtle with other parts of the face to look elegant and gorgeous at the same time.

You can add glow using a highlighter but apply it in moderation. Think of the features that catch light in a natural way and add highlighter to them. The cheek bones and the area above your brow are perfect places to highlight for that attention-grabbing glow. Highlighting the cheek bones is also how you accentuate your jaw line and make the face appear slimmer.

A Bit of Drama Wouldn’t Hurt

Just because you can only accentuate a feature, doesn’t mean you cannot add drama to the look. There are some tricks you can use to further add accents without making the entire look appear excessive.

Using a bronzer is a good example. Apply it to the temples and jawbone to add contour to the face. Continue by adding a soft layer of blush to the cheek, but make sure you stick with a color that doesn’t overpower the color of your eyes or lips.

To complete the look, add a touch of powder. This last layer allows you to look gorgeous throughout the night, even when it is a particularly long night. If there are areas that you also want to hide, apply illuminators before you use powder. Illuminators should only be used to brighten up the areas where shadow falls. Don’t forget to blend well.

Now that you know the secrets to the perfect party look, evening parties and formal events will be less daunting. You can always create the perfect look by choosing the best evening dress and completing the image with the right makeup and hairdo for the occasion.

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