It’s Official- Sephora Friends And Family Is EXCLUSIVELY For Friends And Family


So you remember last year- everyone was waiting on a code so they could get in on the 20% discount and most of you were patiently waiting on that code this year. Well surprise! There will be no code for the general public!

But I told you this last year…

Last year Sephora wanted it to be just friends and family, but a blogger put the code out there anyway, though it was exclusive just to her. I told yall this, Sephora told yall this, and then Sephora had to backpedal and give out a one time code.

They did their job thoroughly this year, making sure that it is for friends and family only.  If you are the family member, or a friend of a Sephora employee, get in touch with them and they will share their discount code with you and you can shop till your hearts content!

If you have no one to get a code from, no biggie! Sephora brought back the Sephora Spin To Win contest! You can spin daily for discount codes, free samples, and free shipping! Spin To Win ends 10/25/2012.

I will keep you up to date on any other friends and family sales, but this one is not happening!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Official- Sephora Friends And Family Is EXCLUSIVELY For Friends And Family

  1. lovenailpolish

    Bummer, oh well, just a good reason to make some more friends.
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  2. Sara

    That’s not exactly true. Last year, at the last minute, sephora had a site ( where you put in your email address to get a unique 20% one time use code.


    1. GGGarbage

      Actually, your response is not true. If you look at the above correspondence between a consumer and Sephora, you will see that there was not supposed to be a friends and family last year. This is fact, not fiction, there were many circumstances that caused them to make it happen at the time, but it\’s not because they wanted to.


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