Sephora Friends And Family 2013: It Does Not Exist



Sephora has made some changes to their ‘Sephora Friends and Family’ event. Once upon a time you could get a special code for 20% off that was vaguely given to everyone, but was always supposed to be for actual friends and family of Sephora.

This year the only way you are getting a code is if you actually know a Sephora Employee. Also there’s been a bit of a name change- It’s called Employee Appreciation.

Employee Appreciation runs from October 17- October 30 2013. The 20% discount remains, but you wont get one unless you have a Sephora Employee as a friend.



But I have somewhat of an alternative for you. Enter Sephora Beauty Fall. It’s fun and quirky little game where you can enter daily to win prizes, deluxe samples, free shipping or a 10% off coupon. It’s a neat little alternative. It’s not 20% but…hey!

That’s all I have for you. Feel free to go cry now boos. I’ll pop back in when I get word on the VIB program!

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