Sephora Fragrance Sampler For Her: 11 Samples, 1 Hard Decision


I’m a fragrance hoarder, but I came up with a solution that ended up being win/win. Let’s rewind for a second. I have about 40 full sized bottles of perfume, and a slew of samples. I’ve grown tired of wearing the same ole same ole, so I wanted to make a few changes.

First, I took all the fragrances that I wanted to keep and set them aside. That ended up being like 10 perfumes. Not bad. But what would I do with the rest? Selling them is virtually out of the question for me, no one wants to buy them at the price that I planned on charging for the ones I bought.

What perfume will I replace with the ones I put aside with? I don’t know.

Solution? Easy. I was looking on Sephoras website and they have this fragrance sampler. 11 sample vials in a really pretty shiny pink box. Sniff, test, embrace. Found one you liked? Of course you did! So you take the voucher that comes with the set into any Sephora and get a full sized bottle of your choice from the set.

How will I pay for it? Well, I put 6 full sized perfumes in a flat rate box. I told a friend she could have them all for $50 bucks. That’s less than $10 a bottle for high end perfumes. I get rid of them, someone else gets them. I get $50 for the sampler set, she gets a good deal on some good unloved fragrances. Everybody wins.

So the set arrived today and I am in love! 11 vial samples as advertised. There’s also a fragrance booklet inside that gives you insight on the fragrances. There’s also a scent certificate. When I’m done playing with my samples, I can take the certificate to Sephora and pick a full sized bottle of one of the fragrances that I tried (sizes vary).

Fragrances I didn’t like:

Fragrances I loved:

  • Tocca Cleopatra- this one is very very sexy, elegant and sophisticated.
  • Lady Million- This fragrance and I have history. I found a rollerball on Amazon for $4, used it religiously for 4 days, kept it in a makeup bag that I used to store my phone in. Middle child threw the bag on my desk, the rollerball busted all over everything including my phone. The little Coach makeup bag still smells like Lady Million 2 years later. I feel like Nicolas Cage in Gone In Sixty Seconds, you know when he was in love with the Shelby but they had a bad, toxic relationship. I’m not sure if we should reunite.
  • Clean Skin- This one reads like an everyday fragrance. It’s smooth, sensual, casual and fun.

So which one did I choose?  Stay tuned for my choice in a few days 🙂

Sephora Fragrance Sampler for her retails for $50. They sell them instore and at


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3 thoughts on “Sephora Fragrance Sampler For Her: 11 Samples, 1 Hard Decision

  1. Joanna

    Lady Million is indeed a fragrance that every Lady should own. The name says it all. It is one of my favorite fragrance!


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