#SheetMaskMonday: An Introduction To Sheet Masks

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what is a sheet mask

You are reading this because you have no idea what a sheet mask is which means two things:

  1. You dont participate in #sheetmaskmonday
  2. You didn’t read this book
  3. You don’t know much about K-beauty

No problem, I’m here to help.

What is a sheet mask?

A sheet mask is a face-shaped sheet soaked in a serum or essence. The goal is to infuse the skin with a huge burst of moisture and seal that moisture by using an occlusive, which in this case is the sheet mask. These masks target specific skin problems, mainly hyperpigmentation, dry skin and acne.

The essence sheet masks are soaked in is important. All sheet masks contain humectants, a moisturizer that prevents the loss of moisture by naturally attracting moisture from the air. This huge infusion of humectants is what makes sheet masks so great- they provide the skin with a huge burst of moisture as soon as the essence is rubbed in. More affordable sheet masks contain hyaluronic acid while less affordable masks contain glycerin, propylene glycol or butylene glycol. Sheet masks also contain penetration enhancers to help skin absorb the serum or essence. Finally, certain masks contain certain ingredients to target certain skin concerns, like honey for moisture, vitamin c for brightening, snail secretions for healing skin, yogurt for anti-inflammatory properties and/or tea tree oil for acne. Pay close attention to the ingredients to find a mask that’s right for you.

Types of sheet mask

Sheet masks are available in three main materials- fiber, hydrogel, and bio-cellulose.


Fiber masks are most common and most affordable. They are normally made from cotton or paper and soaked in an essence.

Hydro gel masks are becoming common, but they are on the pricey side. Hydro gel masks are made from gelatin, and the serum is not soaked into the mask, it is already mixed in the mask. Hydro gel masks are normally constructed into two pieces- one for the upper section of the face and one for the lower. These masks adhere to the face easier than fiber masks.

Bio-cellulose masks are created from an almost second skin material normally used in the medical world to heal burns and scars. Bio-cellulose masks adhere to the face better than any other mask offered, and they hold 100 times their weight in serum, which means you can wear one of these for an extended period of time.

How to use:

It is best to cleanse and tone your face first, then apply your sheet mask. Go cuddle up with a good book for 10-20 minutes (some masks require longer time) and let the essence penetrate your skin. When time is up, pat the essence into your skin. DO NOT WASH OR RINSE THE ESSENCE OFF. Continue the rest of your skin care routine as normal (moisturize, sunscreen, makeup, whatever!)

This should help get you started. Questions? Ask in the comments below. Be sure to follow #sheetmaskmonday all over social media!

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