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Do you ever wish that you could look like one of the Hollywood stars and get the same level of attention when you walk down the street? Who knows, start taking pictures on Instagram, and you might even get your own movie deal. Stranger things have happened! But how do you look like a star and shine under your own spotlight? That’s something that we’re going to explore today.


Change Your Eye Colour…Seriously!

Celebrities do this all the time. If you have been watching Victoria on Netflix, you might have noticed that Jenna Coleman now has blue eyes. Oddly enough, she never used to have blue eyes as any fan of Doctor Who will tell you. But that is the wonder of colour contact lenses. You can change the colour of your eyes or at least how people perceive them. There are other fantastic options too. For instance, you can go for purple contacts. Though you probably won’t see these much outside of a nightclub, a rave or perhaps a catwalk.


The Hollywood Smile

Of course, if you are desperate to catch attention, you do need to be able to flash the perfect smile. We’re talking about the Hollywood hills smile, the smile of the stars. For this, you need perfectly white, straight teeth and pale pink gums. How do you get that? Well, you can start with the gums. The easiest way to have pale gums is to make sure that you are brushing your teeth the right way. The mistake people make is brushing the teeth and missing out the gums completely. This will lead to them getting darker rather than staying the nice pale pink for the perfect smile.

As for whitening your teeth, you can look into cosmetic whitening treatments from a cosmetic dentist. This tends to be the most effective and rapid solution. Or alternatively, you can consider using a home remedy of mixing baking soda with lemon juice to form a paste.

To straighten your teeth, you should look into smile therapy. This tends to take a max of six month and is a great way to get your teeth in perfect shape. Before long, you’ll have the ultimate smile to flash.


Use A Facemask

You should make sure that you are using a natural organic face mask. This will clear out those pores, get rid of the blackheads and make sure that you have a beautiful, stunning complexion. You won’t even need makeup if you choose the right facemask. It will ensure that your skin is absolutely flawless. Of course, if you are using makeup, make sure that you do check out youtube videos. There are plenty that show you how to match the makeup of your favourite star, like the one below.


Take this advice, and you will look like a stunning star, ready to dazzle and delight an audience with your beauty. At the very least, you’ll certainly get more numbers next date night. Remember, you were born to stand out in this world so don’t settle for blending with the crowd.


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