Shop The Look: Beyonce’s Vintage Noir Lipstick


Queen Bey served a big dish of Vintage Noir last night at the Met Gala.

Large vintage chandelier earrings? Check.

Beaded birdcage? Check.

Burgundy lipstick? Absolutely.

Now check out my top burgundy lipstick picks:

Most of these lipsticks can be found at Sephora, so click here for all their current deals courtesy of Chippmunk.

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2 thoughts on “Shop The Look: Beyonce’s Vintage Noir Lipstick

  1. Linda Lovelace

    Normal hasn’t solely become the trend having food but also having good health care products that folks employ each and every day keep up appearances.


  2. Michelle Kimble

    Beyonce pulls this colour & look off perfectly, for this deep colour however I think you need good size lips.


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