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Our appearance has an unfortunate habit of getting away from us. The moment we think things are under control, they get away from us again. You may believe you’ve found the right makeup style, but it can stop suiting you before you know it. If you want to get control of your appearance once and for all, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk you through a few ways to wrangle the appearance beast!

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The right wardrobe will go along way to getting you where you want to be. Find which basic shapes suit you to ensure you have a wardrobe that works. Take your body shape into account, here. Try on a few different pieces and get an idea for which is best. Then, take the time to think about how it works for your body. Find out, too, which colors look best on you. Again, do this by trying different things. We all have colors that look amazing on us, and it shouldn’t take long to find the ones that suit you. Then, look for more pieces in these colors. You don’t want your clothes to look the same, but these guidelines will ensure your wardrobe looks good on you. Once you have those key pieces, you can start playing around with making each outfit unique!

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We all know that mastering a skincare and makeup routine is never easy. The main thing you need to realize is that your skin changes with the seasons. The best way around this is to adjust your routine accordingly. Your foundation, for example, will need changing depending on the weather. The same can be said for your skincare routine. Cold weather can leave you skin dry and tight. Get to know your skin so that you can give it what it needs all year round. Think, too, about how much makeup you’re wearing each season. Heavier makeup will look better in winter, but it’s best to go light during summer! 


If you’re unhappy with your body, you may need to take more drastic measures to take control. Think about whether there’s a particular part of your body that you’re uncomfortable with. Consider whether this is what’s been holding you back. If yes, take steps to change it. If you think surgery is the way to go, take a little time to consider which one is best and where you should go to get it. Make sure you don’t rush into this decision. Surgery is something you can’t undo. Make sure, too, that the problem area is what’s holding you back. Your efforts will be wasted if you’re focusing on the wrong issue!


Once you’ve done everything you can, it’s time to practice self-acceptance. A lot of problems with appearance come from a lack of confidence. If you feel as though you look good, your appearance should fall into place. Practice self-love, and get used to your appearance in the mirror!

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