Showing Your Dad You Love Him Without Saying The Words

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If there is one thing we have on our parents it is a far greater emotional awareness. We are just in touch with our feelings than the generations before us. We are more emotionally literate than them, especially our dad’s, which is why it is so surprising to hear that around 45% of people admit to not saying the three little words to their parents enough.

We all love our dad’s, sometimes more than words can express, which could be part of the problem because we still find it hard to tell our dads that we love them, that we love them so much. Luckily, the more you say it the easier it becomes.

However, if you want to show your dad he is amazing but you aren’t able to spit it out verbally, then why not say it without saying it with these ideas:

Treat him To A Home-Cooked Meal

You won’t recall all of the times your dad has done this for you. All of the Sunday roasts, or Thanksgiving dinners, the apples he chopped and the sandwiches he made for your school lunch box. Well, why not treat him to your specialty in the same way you would cook for your mum. Show him you care with food instead of words.

Treat Him ‘Just Because’

Getting a present because it’s his birthday, or it’s Christmas or it’s Father’s Day is nice, but it is also expected. What would be extra special is to get him something just because. Getting gifts for the man who has everything isn’t easy, though, but treating him to an experience is a surefire winner. Golf, flying, driving, eating; these are experiences that shout I love you, never mind say it.

Go to Him For Advice

When you were growing up, your dad was your protector. He was the person who did everything to shelter you from life, to make sure you had all the skills to smile in the face of adversity, and then you grew up. That leaves a void. But don’t forget that he is still that rock, he still gives the best advice – better than your friends – and nothing says you love him like valuing his advice. He’ll warm to that, and probably reciprocate that trust too.

Get Involved With What He Loves

If your dad’s idea of the perfect day is to pop along to the museum of old steam engines then go with him. If they love ale, then enjoy an afternoon in the pub with him. If they have a soft spot for Matthew Bourne then see when his next in town and get some tickets. It is such an amazing way to get closer to someone because you are interested in their interests. It’s on their terms, and it allows them to show off a little.

Always Stay In Touch

Spending time with your dad is not always as simple as spending time with your dad, for loads of reasons. But staying in touch with them is the small gesture that goes an enormously long way. A phone call, a text, a tweet or email; anything to update him on your news and to hear about there’s will bring you closer. The power of ending a text with a couple of kisses is incredible too.

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