A Quick Look: Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Dad’s Mixtape Collection: Side B

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Happy (belated) New Year!  January was just a trial month…everything officially starts in February.

Today we have Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer’s Dad’s Mixtape Collection Side B.  Julie’s dad introduced her to classic rock and has been a fan for years.  All of the Mixtape Collection polishes are inspired by classic rock songs.  I previously reviewed Side A back in September.

A Soul for Sale or Rent (two coats):  black jelly packed with blue-purple iridescent microglitter, silver ultra-holo glitter, pink-purple-blue-gold ultra-chrome chameleon (UCC) flakies, green-blue-purple UCC flakies and platinum microflakies. A Soul for Sale or Rent is a great party polish.  The application is great in 2 even coats and despite its glitter content, is not hard to remove.


Four Star Daydream (one coat over Goin’ Way Down South, two coats alone):  clear based glitter topper consisting of varying shapes and sizes of gold metallic and holographic glitters


I don’t recommend using Four Star Daydream alone.  While I dabbed on 2 coats, it never got dry due to the thick base.  It’s perfectly fine as a topper, which it is meant to be.


Goin’ Way Down South (three coats):  medium jewel-toned green with blue to purple to pink shifting shimmers. I’m sure if I had been more careful, I could have gotten this opaque in two coats.  However, it does dry quickly even with 3 coats.


We also have two bonus polishes:  Green’s Alexandrite with Me (limited edition from the Green Color Box) and My Precious (special offer polish from Cyber Monday 2016).

Green’s Alexandrite with Me (two coats):  deep green holographic with two types of green to purple shift, green-blue-purple UCC flakes and aqua to green shifting flakes.

My Previous (two coats):  blue-leaning purple with red to gold to green shifting iridescent glitters in two sizes.


Dad’s Mixtape Collection:  Side B will be available as a set for $32.50(full-size)/$17(mini).  A Soul for Sale or Rent and Goin’ Way Down South are $12(full-size)/$6(mini) and Four Star Daydream is $8.50(full-size)/$5(mini).  Green’s Alexandrite with Me is only available full-sized ($12). My Precious is $12(full-size)/$6(mini).


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