Simple Dieting Tips For Winter


Dieting is something no one ever wants to have to do but it is something we might need to do after a long month or two of neglecting our bodies and eating fatty foods. If you are in need of a detox for the body to stay lean and healthy this year, here are some simple tips to bring into your daily routine to make things easier for you.

Cut out sugar

Sugar is the number one cause of obesity in the world and a lot of the time eating excess sugar is much worse than eating excess fat. Sugar can spike out blood sugar levels which can give us a quick burst of energy but then will make our energy levels crash soon after, causing us to crave more food. Cutting down our sugar levels will stop us from over eating and it can prevent fat storage in the body. If you can cut down sugar by avoiding junk foods and skipping the sugar in your morning coffee you are likely to lose some weight naturally.

Eat healthy fats

Fat used to be a word which was akin to the devil for dieters everywhere, but it is important to remember that our body needs fat to survive and not all types of fat are bad for us. Healthy fats can replace the fat you get in junk food and they come in foods such as avocado and nuts. If you can have a source of healthy fat in each meal instead of saturated fat you will be much more likely to lose a few pounds.

Lower those carbs

Carbohydrates are the most popular of the three macros we eat each day and it is no surprise when you consider foods like bread and pasta being the main sources. Carbohydrates are a type of sugar we eat every day, and if we eat too much of it we can pile on the pounds within a short space of time. To avoid this, we can try a Keto style diet with low bar intake and supplement BHB into our bodies which you can see here to help in the digestion process. It is a great way to lose weight quickly because it will change the way the body processes sugar and fat.

Drink enough water

There is a reason why we are made up of 70% water, and it is a good reason at that. Water is the lifeblood of our bodies and it helps to flush out toxins as well as keep us looking young and fresh. To reduce your appetite and stop you snacking too much in the day make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water. Water is needed in the body and it will often make us feel hungry when we need it. The next time you feel like having a snack, drink some water first as you body is likely just dehydrated and not hungry at all.

Get moving

Movement is so important for our bodies and it is something which we really shouldn’t take for granted in our lives ever. We need to be able to move our bodies around to keep our muscles strong and allow us to stay fighting fit. As much as 30 minutes of exercise each day can be enough to keep you healthy and it will ensure that your body stays fit and burns the fat you eat each and every day. Here are some easy exercises you can do every day

Eat 7 a day

Yes, yes… it might sounds crazy and unattainable, but it’s actually not that much of an ask to eat 7 portions of fruit and veg each day. If you can eat an apple with your breakfast in the morning, a banana as a mid morning snack and then a salad at lunch followed by vegetables with dinner, 7 a day is easily doable and if anything you will feel much fuller throughout the day and not crave your old junk foods at all.

Lower portion sizes

Portion control is something which can be hard to master because when you have a plate in front of you, you just want to fill it. However the best way to make things easier is to go to the store and buy smaller plates. Fill your plate as you normally would and save any leftovers in the fridge for your lunch the next day! You’ll be eating less every day and therefore you will lose weight.

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