Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill Swatches And Review

Sinful Dressed To Kill

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Good gracious, it’s almost Halloween!

In my life, October is when things start to go nonstop.  It’s our busiest month at work, then it’s a slide to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and my cringe birthday.  Life is a blur until it’s time to file income taxes.  sigh

But before we get to the crunch at the end of the year, let’s sit back and enjoy the Halloween season.  My husband has already bought a Skeletor costume and I plan to dress up as a bag of jelly beans.  We don’t get too many trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, so we are also ordering full-size candy bars to hand out to any kids who happen to stop by.  Last year we didn’t get any 😛  Thankfully, Sinful Colors has an array of polish and decals to keep my nails company if we get another repeat of last year!

First up, the polishes:

Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Cauldron Couture over Unmentionables

Cauldron Couture (one coat over Pretty Serious Unmentionables):  different sizes of black glitter and green foil shards in a clear base


Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Copper Pot

Copper Pot (two coats):  orange copper foil shimmer



Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Glow In The Dark

Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Glow In The Dark dark

Glow In The Dark (three coats):  glow-in-the-dark yellow


Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Go Batty

Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Go Batty dark

Go Batty (three coats):  glow-in-the-dark blue with holographic moon glitter


Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Skele-Bration

Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Skele-Bration dark

Skele-Bration (three coats):  glow-in-the-dark green with black skull glitter


Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Snow Me White

Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Snow Me White dark

Snow Me White (two coats with Sin O’ Lantern decals):  white crème


Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Starry Night

Starry Night (two coats):  holographic glitter and gold foil shards in a black jelly base

The bad:  I was very disappointed by the glow-in-the-dark polishes.  Even when activated against a fluorescent light, the glow was still very weak.  The skull glitter in Skele-Bration looks great in the bottle but is an absolute nightmare to fish out.  Due to the lip in the Sinful Colors bottle, it doesn’t allow you to slide the glitter with the brush up the bottle wall.  I didn’t have quite as much trouble with Go Batty’s moon glitter, though.

The good:  If you’re in the market for a cheap opaque white polish, you can’t get much better than Snow Me White.  It only needs two coats for full opacity.  Copper Pot is a nice shimmer, especially for the autumn months.  This color will definitely be around until Thanksgiving.  The glitters were surprisingly easy to apply without clumping.  I would definitely be careful not to let Starry Night pool at the cuticles.

We’ve also got some nail appliques!

Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Heads Will Glow

Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Heads Will Glow dark

Heads Will Glow:  glow-in-the-dark sugar skulls and skeleton bones on a black base



Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Widows Glow

Sinful Colors Dressed To Kill - Widows Glow dark

Widow’s Glow:  glow-in-the-dark spider webs on a black base

I love the designs on these appliques.  They’re very detailed and crisp, especially on the sugar skulls.  Unfortunately, I had a bear of a time applying them.  I pressed the appliques to my nails, starting at the base near my cuticle.  I tried to press them evenly over the surface, but I still had wrinkles on the sides of my nails and some wrinkled right at the middle of the nail tip, even when I trimmed the excess with a nail file.  I found these easy to remove:  just peel them off.  No nail polish remover required!  I’m not happy with them myself, but you may have better luck applying them.

There are also Sin O’ Lantern nail decals, shown on my Snow Me White mani.

Since Sinful Colors is such a bargain ($1.99 at most retailers), I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us, especially for the holiday season.  If you’re like me and waiting until the last minute to pick up your costume parts, definitely drop by your cosmetic section and check out Dressed To Kill!

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