Six Essential Beauty Tips To Help You Reveal Your Best Self!


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Summer is here, the flowers have bloomed, pools are open. Are you ready? When I sat back and thought about ways that I could convince you to reveal your best self, there was not a lot of makeup involved really. I think your best self during the summer is naturally beautiful and pool ready at all times!

Here are six essential tips to help you reveal your best self this summer:

1. Oil Cleanse– I promise you there’s one thing you should be doing, and will love doing on a regular basis- oil cleansing. Grab a few drops of your favorite oil cleanser, olive oil or castor oil and massage it deeply into your skin. Not only will your skin look awesome, but you are improving circulation.

2. Give yourself  ‘The Piticure– It’s summer and that means lots of tank tops and sleeveless dresses. Give yourself an extraordinary piticure to remove darkness under the arms and make your skin soft, smooth and touchable.

3. Exfoliate- There are so many exfoliators on the market that not only slough off dry, dead skin, but deeply hydrate the skin and leave it soft and you smelling great.

4. Bye Bye hair!– Nair has designed an easier than ever way to remove hair with Nair Sprays Away No Touch Spray. Fortified with Morocaan Argan Oil, simply spray on your legs, wait 4 minutes and remove. This is even great for ladies like me with coarse hair. No more shaving PLUS your skin lasts days longer than shaving.

5. Deep condition your tresses– You should deep condition your hair at least once a week to mend split ends and leave your hair soft, shiny and healthy.

6. Manicures and pedicures are good for the soul– There’s something relaxing about picking my favorite shade of nail polish and giving myself a manicure. Go frolic in the drug store and while you pick up a bottle of Nair, get yourself a pretty polish and paint those fingers and toes!


“Nair Like Never Before”

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