Skindinavia: The BEST Makeup Finishing Spray


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If you read my blog on a regular basis then there is one message that resonates “If you use Skindinavia”… I realized after talking about it for the 100th time, that I really have not shared the glory that is Skindinavia.

Skindinavia is a cosmetic finishing spray composed of unicorn tears and the sweat of angels. You spray this on your face after you are completely done doing your makeup; it keeps everything on for 16 hours.

Yes. 16+ hours.

Makeup normally slides off your face in the summer? Get Skindinavia

Working long hours and don’t have time to touch up/reapply? Get Skindinavia

Looking for a great finishing spray in your makeup kit? Get Skindinavia

None of these apply to you but you just want your makeup to stay? Get Skindinavia

Skindinavia is available in three finishes: The Original, No More Shine (matte), Bridal (great for photography). There is also The Kit, which is two bottles, one normal and one matte to take care of most skincare needs.

Luckily, I have used two of the three available.

Normal– This is best for people with normal/combination skin. I use this one more than any other, because I prefer the dewy look (matte ages me horribly). I spray this on one time after I am finished applying everything and my makeup is set for the rest of the day.

No More Shine– This is best for people with oily skin. It gives the skin a fresh matte finish all day long.

Are you out of primer? You can also use this before you apply your makeup as a primer for super protection. Then spray on again after you have everything applied to set and go about your day.

Still don’t believe me? Here’s a testimonial from a young woman on Twitter. She originally asked me what was the best brow pencil or gel (which I answered Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Brow) but she complained that it did not stay on all day. So I suggested Skindinavia. This is what she had to say a few days later:


The 4 ounce bottle retails for $29, but for an extra 10 bucks ($39, duh), you can snag the 8 ounce bottle. The Kit, which has two bottles, retails for $45 for two 4 ounce bottles, or $55 for two 8 ounce bottles. With daily use, one 8 ounce bottle should last you six months or longer. You can buy Skindinavia at

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3 thoughts on “Skindinavia: The BEST Makeup Finishing Spray

  1. Karen

    Sounds fantastic. I am definitely going to try it.


  2. Brandelah Michelle

    You sent me some in 2012 and I still haven’t used it!!!! Funny thing is that I pack it on every trip and still somehow forget. Hopefully will get some good use out of it soon.


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