Slay Naturally With Jacq’s Organics: 5 Products You Need To Try

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Jacq’s Organics is a black, woman-owned skincare company based in Miami, Florida. Barbara Jacques, Co-founder, and CEO created the brand out of adversity. Diagnosed with an ovarian tumor and pregnant, she was looking to formulate non-toxic solutions to meet the challenges of her changing body. Jacq’s is passionate about creating products that work for all ages, skin types and skin concerns.

I got the opportunity to try some products from the Jacq’s Organics, and here they are!

Jacq’s Healing Face Cleanser, $20

Who’s this for? Normal skin

What does it do? This facial cleanser promises to dissolve dirt, makeup, and impurities on the skin.

My thoughts: This cleanser is pink in color and has a liquidy texture that foams well when in contact with water. This cleanser is very foamy and refreshing, I recommend incorporating it into your morning cleansing routine thanks to the invigorating blend of spearmint, peppermint, and ginger essential oils. It’s a lovely facial cleanser to wake up to. The papaya extract is an added bonus to gently exfoliate using fruit acids.

Jacq’s Antioxidant Infused Beauty Balm, $49

Who’s this for? Anyone looking to thoroughly cleanse the day away

What does it do? This waterless balm cleanses the skin, leaving behind nothing but moisture

My thoughts: I love a good cleansing balm, and this one is no exception to the rule. Formulated with andiroba nut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils, this balm efficiently removes all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup while leaving the skin super soft and moisturized. I’d recommend using this balm in the evening after a long day. Pair with a muslin cloth for maximum cleansing.

Jacq’s Revitalizing Face Toner, $19

What’s this for? All Skin Types

What does it do? This toner refreshes and moisturizes the skin with hibiscus petals and healing Burdock root.

My thoughts- This toner is packed with lots of good stuff-carrot root extract, rosehip seed oil, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, aloe and more. I’d recommend this toner to someone that is not looking for their toner for hydration but to infuse their skin with botanicals to soothe and balance the skin.

Jacq’s Balancing Face Serum, $62

Who’s this for? All skin types

What does it do? It promises to deliver hydrated, supple skin.

My thoughts- This serum contains an interesting blend of rosehip seed oil, carrot root extract, and yellow dock extract, excellent for skin inflammation. I’m curious to see how this serum reacts to acne prone skin. If I had to go off the ingredients alone, I’d say excellent. This fragrant oil absorbs quickly and left my skin supple and soft.


Jacq’s Clarifying Masque and Scrub, $27

Who’s this for? All skin types

What does it do? Claims to draw out impurities, nourish the skin, and leave the skin feeling refreshed.

My thoughts- Let me start off by saying- this clay mask is not like the others, and everyone with oily skin needs this mask. It is an all-star line-up of rhassoul and bentonite clay, cornstarch, charcoal, tapioca starch, kelp, niacinamide, dead sea salt and essential oils. I have super dry skin, so I like to mix this mask with olive oil and a tiny bit of ACV to create a hydrating, yet acne busting masque. The grit is minimal and gentle, just enough to gently exfoliate if needed. This mask can easily become your most coveted masque in your weekly ritual.

The only complaint I have is in regards to the packaging- the label protecting the sifter could not completely be removed, making it difficult to dispense product, so I had to remove the sifter completely. Not a ‘huge’ deal, I hate sifters anyway.

Overall, Jacq’s Organics is a cohesive indie skincare brand that does what most cant do- go beyond body butter to create impressive facial skin care products that deliver results. You can tell that time, effort, and research was put into creating products.

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