Sleep Stress: Slowing A Racing Mind Without Substances Or Electronics

Everything in society is changing. Psychologists all around the world thought the world would change drastically at the stroke of midnight on the last day of 1999. They thought that as soon as we enter the new millennium, society would be evolving. It’s true, the 90s were essentially an extension of the late 80s and music and fashion stayed almost the same for many years. However, not much did change, it took almost 20 years before anything in society did happen. Now we are living in the age of electric cars, wireless earphones, smart thermostats, personal assistant robots like Alexa and also, we have pocket computers. Smartphones have taken over our lives and with each new evolution, we are seeing amazing but also challenging changes in our society. Sleep stress is now a big problem as many of us can’t seem to switch off when we’d like. We can begin to venture into deep waters to find a solution to this.

Slowing the mind

Bombarded with information all day long our jobs are flooding our brains with more and more things. We can only compute so much at once and if we’re doing a lot of multitasking for a long time, our mind is sped up to a very fast calculating level. Looking at figures on a screen, emailing several different people, talking on the phone and talking in-person is a lot to handle. We get through it because we load up on coffee and sugary snacks. But all this comes at a price. When it comes to slowing down our mind after 8 hours of non-stop thinking, we find it hard to put the brakes on. We can turn to an age old solution, alcohol. If you’re using alcohol to calm your nerves and get some sleep, this can become a nasty habit. Don’t let this control you as it can spiral out of your hands. If you are at that point or nearing it, speak to a womens alcohol addiction treatment center. They can give you help with regards to routine and structure so you don’t need to rely on alcohol to get you to sleep. They also have 24/7 support with psychological experts on hand to support you.

Switch it off

This day and age we take our smartphones to bed with us. We use them as our alarm clocks, calendars, weather information and traffic updates. However even with their ‘blue light filter’ option which deadens the bright screen, this still doesn’t stop our mind from racing. Rather than using it for your alarm clock, it’s best just to buy an actual digital alarm clock. Switching off your phone when it’s time for bed will activate the natural chemicals in your brain that will slow and eventually shut off your conscious mind. If you do this regularly and by routine, your brain will even get used to it and activate this system at roughly the same time every night. 

Don’t use any substance to help your mind slow down as it can become addictive. Switch off your phone so you have nothing to feed a mind that keeps racing. 

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